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10 Apps For The Independent Pakistani Girl

Your phone deserves every single one of these


By Maha Asif Rizwan

We all know it isn’t easy being a woman, but we also know that it’s much easier being a woman in the digital age. Trust us when we say that your biggest weapon these days is your smartphone and it’s worth spending some time downloading apps that are guaranteed to change your life for the better.

Whether you’re a working woman, mom or a student you shouldn’t have to waste much time on figuring out how to get around town, dealing with surprise period stains or wondering who to call if the flush isn’t working. Download these 10 amazing apps on your phone now and shave off hours of work, stress and long lines at the bank.



Save yourself from the cliché epidemic of those never-ending car issues.  The recent launch of this instant taxi service has served the independent Pakistani woman in more than just one way. Download the Careem app and call the car of your choice anywhere and at anytime.

Eve by Glow – Period Tracker


Track and tackle your menstrual cycle every month with this health app. Eve by Glow lets you track your cycle, keep a record of your health and access trusted information. You never have to miss your date again and get caught unprepared thanks to timely notifications. If you ask us, Eve by Glow is definitely worth sparing some storage space.



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Whether you are in the mood for a weekend full of binge watching and popcorn or just want to catch up on the latest episode of Black Mirror, Netflix should definitely be your go-to app. With minimal stream time, the auto-play feature makes it perfect for those extra lazy evenings in your cozy bed this November. So, wrap up warm in your favorite furry blanket and Netflix on.



The visual collection of your lifestyle is one tap away – Pinterest is a convenient way of organizing your fashion choices, recipes to try, places to travel and even secret projects in tidy boards – all without eating up your precious storage space on your phone. In addition to being full of lifestyle hacks, Pinterest is also the ideal platform to find ideas and inspirations.



Facebook’s buying and selling community in Pakistan, Sheops, launched its own app and made it awfully accessible for its consumers to purchase things while sitting at home. Whether you’re running your own home-based business or urgently looking to buy something, Sheops will hook you up with the right member and help you find exactly what you are looking for.



Our very own Pakistani music app – Patari is definitely an awesome alternative to Spotify. Access unlimited music, create your own playlists, and explore local artists while you’re at it. With an upbeat layout, Patari is a must-have.

Lose it!


Image: Screen-grab from Lose it!

Based on the proven principle of calorie tracking, Lose it! helps you stay fit, healthy and glowing. The app helps you set a daily calorie budget, track your exercise and food to push you to make smarter lifestyle choices.


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Having trouble with the showerhead again? Log onto to fix that issue within minutes. Like its name, this app actually is the sukoon to your pareshani when you need home-stuff repaired, when you are unable to DIY.


Went to bed early-ish last night but woke up really tired this morning? Download this life saver of an app right away. will calculate when to wake up, when to go to sleep, and when to wake up if you sleep now, and you can set up an alarm with the app as well. If you have a tight schedule or are studying a demanding course, this app was made for you.



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For all those selfie enthusiasts out there, InstaBeauty deserves to be on your home screen for sure. From a range of photo filters to advanced tools that can give you a sexier jawline, the app provides you with almost professional results. So, if Instagram doesn’t cut it for, InstaBeauty most definitely will.