10 Budget-friendly Beauty Buys you Need this Winter

Because winters are not good to your


By Palwasha Khan

Winter is officially here and it is, as usual, magical. What is not so much fun is everything that comes with it: dry and dull skin, chapped lips and ugly dandruff flakes.  With these concerns in mind, we have created a list of the 10 best beauty buys we love to stock up on every December. The best part? They’re all budget friendly, so go all out and don’t worry about these necessities burning a hole in your pocket.

Freeman’s Hydrating Peel-Off Pomegranate Mask: Retailing at less than Rs. 500, this mask can be used once to twice a week and is an excellent product keep the dryness away. It leaves the skin hydrated and soft and is definitely worth every penny.


Vaseline Lip Therapy for Rosy Lips: This balm is no less than a life-saver every December. It’s very affordable and makes for a nice tinted lip look – you wouldn’t have to wear lipstick after this. It hydrates the lips and protects them from drying out.


Parachute Coconut Oil: Not only does this do wonders for your long locks, it is an excellent way to keep the dandruff at bay. It balances the scalp’s moisture levels to prevent it from becoming dry and prone to dandruff.


Selsun Blue Zinc/Selenium Anti Dandruff Shampoo: An excellent remedy for dandruff – gets rid of build up, flakes and even stops the dandruff from spreading. It makes hair stronger from the root.


Olay (oil based) Face Wash: This helps balance the oil and pH levels of your facial skin and keeps the dryness away.


Loreal White Perfect Face Wash: This is another oil based face wash that gently hydrates the skin and keeps it looking supple and fresh.


L’Oreal Face Oil: As a moisturiser alternative, the L’Oreal Face Oil is an amazing therapeutic oil for your face – it maintains hydration, keeps skin smooth, well nourished and helps in preventing fine lines and wrinkle.


Vaseline Advanced Repair Moisturiser: One of the most hydrating moisturisers out there– can be used for both face and body. Keeps hydration levels for long periods.


Loreal Mythic Oil: To keep the frizz out of the hair – this oil serves as an excellent product to solve issues of dry ends and frizz.


Dove Intense Therapy Hair Mask: Using this mask twice a week will keep the dryness, frizz, and brittleness of your hair away. Plus, it will nourish your hair and works as an awesome intense conditioner.



With this list you are definitely equipped to handle the onslaught of dryness and beauty issues that come with winters and to battle it out well.