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10 Eyeshadow Palettes To Get Your Hands On

Our top picks!

By Haya Qamar

Let’s face it; makeup is expensive. With Urban Decay, Morphe, Kylie, Kim K, and a gazillion other brands bombarding us with new, and more “more improved’ editions every four months, it becomes difficult to decide what to buy and what to ditch! While basics like a foundation, powder, and blush prolly remain the same once you find your perfect match, it is the eye shadows that involve a lot of back and forth and indecisiveness.

There are days when you want a smokey eye, but then rose gold is all the rage, and so is glitter and metallic shades. But then did we hear someone say, “go matte or go home”? Choosing an eyeshadow palette, which works best for you, is a fairly daunting task.

We’re here to help.

Which brands work and which don’t, and within the brands, which palettes work and which don’t? We put our research caps on and have come up with a list of 10 must-have eyeshadow palettes.

The Saharan Palette by Juvia’s Place

This palette has a combination of shimmers and mattes. It could be the palette for you if you’re  just starting to experiment with your makeup, but don’t want to venture too far out into the world of colour.

Favourite Colour: Jamila

How To Use It: In the crease for a perfect transition with a pop of colour.

I-Divine in All Night Long by Sleek Makeup

Need an eyeshadow palette that you can create all your favourite looks with? Sleek has taken all the most used colours (from all your other palettes) and put them in one place! This palette is fool-proof; it’s full of wonderful neutrals, it’s highly pigmented, and best of all: it’s super cheap!

Favourite Colour: No.12

How To Use It: With a wet brush to give it a really shiny, foiled effect.

The Desert Dusk Palette by HudaBeauty

HudaBeauty has done it again! First the illustrious Rose Gold palette, and now this. If this company does one thing right, it’s chunky glitter shadows, and they have proven that with both their palettes. The colours are gorgeous, pigmented, unusual, and right on trend.

Favourite Colour: Twilight

How To Use It: In the inner corners for a celestial glow.

Subculture Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Now, if you follow makeup or makeup bloggers on social media at all, you know that this palette has been getting a lot of heat for being so powdery. Customers are claiming that pushing the brush with even a little bit of pressure causes major kickback and you’re left with a powdery mess.

However, the softness is one of the reasons to love this palette.

Because the shadows are so soft, you can blend even the darkest colour with absolute ease. It could be a problem for professionals, but for beginners, this is an absolute godsend.

Favourite Colour: Axis

How To Use It: All over the lid for an out-of-the-ordinary smoky eye.

Naked Heat Palette by Urban Decay

Everyone remembers the Naked palette as their first eyeshadow palette; the one introducing you to the wonderful world of neutrals that were easy to apply and create looks with. If you haven’t felt the need to purchase every other Naked palette to follow the OG (original gangster), you will want to get back on the bandwagon once you set your eyes on this collection of beautiful earthy reds!

Favourite Colour: En Fuego

How To Use It: On the outer corners and under the lash line to stay on insta-trend.

Sweet Peach Palette by Too Faced

This pretty peachy palette has a great collection of fresh, pinky tones combined with deeper plum tones to give you daytime looks and nighttime looks all in one place. Plus, Too Faced hit the nail on the head with the formulation of these blendable, pigmented shadows.

Favourite Colour: Candied Peach

How To Use It: All over a bare lid for a fresh, I-woke-up-like-this feel.

Eye-Conic Palette in Frivoluxe by Marc Jacobs

Ready to start experimenting with colour? This is the palette to do it with! Though this palette only has seven shades, they can be combined multiple ways to create unique, eye-catching looks because all the colours in this palette compliment each other. Plus this gorgeous, sleek packaging will look great on any vanity!

Favourite Colour: Outrageously

How To Use It: In the waterline, smudged out to the lower lash line for a fun twist.

Fortune Favours The Brave by Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution is really revolutionizing affordable makeup. With a great range in their products at low cost, there’s really something for everyone. With this palette in particular, you’re getting 30 great shades ranging from blues to greens to plums and neutrals in both shimmers and mattes; what’s not to love? There is a catch though; the colours take some effort to build up, however once they’re on, they stay on!

Favourite Colour: Skylight

How To Use It: On the outer corners to deepen and intensify any eye look.

Electric Palette by Urban Decay

After you’ve built your collection of neutrals and earthy tones, and you’re really ready to experiment with colour, look no further than this aptly-named electric palette. The vibrant colours are super-duper pigmented and blend like a charm! Use these colours to add a pop to any look you create using another palette or combine them for a full-on 80’s look – either way, this palette does not disappoint!

Favourite Colour: Chaos

How To Use It: All over the lid for a high-fashion 80’s inspired look.

Mothership III Eye Palette in Subversive by Pat McGrath Labs

There is really not much to say about the queen of makeup: Pat McGrath. This makeup artist turned makeup mogul has been dubbed as “The Most Influential Makeup Artist in the World” by Vogue and rightly so. All of her products, including this palette, are unique, shiny, glamorous, and way ahead-of-the-trend. Her products are up-there in price, but definitely worth every penny!

Favourite Colour: Gigabyte

How To Use It: On the center of the lid to create a halo effect.