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10 Pakistani Insta Foodies You Must Follow

Warning: Keep those snacks handy

By Sherazade Khan

How many times have you stayed up till the wee hours of dawn staring at a gazillion versions of the molten chocolate lava oozing from the squishy cake? Definitely more than you’d like to admit in public!  Be it the rise of the dough in a time-lapse video or the bright greens in a stir fry, food photography is a ‘thing’ and so are Instagram foodies. These are people who have made a career out of trying various cafes, and are a role model for all of us sitting here at our desks.

If you’re a foodie, a fan of fine food and food photography, we shortlist 10 drool-worthy Instagram accounts for you to follow!


Why you should follow? The brain behind Feast Karachi is only 16 years old. Since that isn’t reason enough to follow him, he gives you the lowdown on what’s good and what’s not worth your time or taste buds!


Why you should follow? Recommended by the owner of Feast Karachi, not only are the food reviews of this blogger genuine, but the photographs are a piece of art.


Why you should follow? Because sometimes fancy restaurants just won’t cut it. You want to know what’s good out there, so you can muster some courage to eat what may not be the most hygienic food, but is often the most delicious!


Why you should follow? For real, honest reviews of both, up and coming restaurants and old favourites!


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Why you should follow? Leena S Naqvi started the EAT project (www.theEATproject.com) where she documents the lives of women in Umeå, a small university town in Northern Sweden.

“The interviews with them are more about food nostalgia, what they miss most away from home and what ingredients they have trouble finding,” she says. Naqvi organizes (and documents) food workshops conducted by these women, sharing the experiences via Instagram.


Why you should follow? Sophia Saifi, a CNN producer, a great cook and foodie at heart, recommends following Mehrunnisa Yusuf, a Pakistani-Polish lady residing in the UK.

“There’s a warmth in the way she describes and explains what she eats, cooks and serves,” says Saifi, adding that, “it’s not pretentious.” In fact, “it’s an organic slice into the life of someone who appreciates good food and is comfortable in her own culture.”


Why you should follow? Shayma describes herself as a “proud Pakistani with Afghan and Persian roots” and her food photography leads you to visual food coma. Her food blog is a fun read since each dish has a backstory to it.

Not only that, she also shares snippets of her own life on her Insta feed which is endearing.


Why you should follow? Sarah Mir is a Pakistani-Canadian mom letting you have a sneakpeek into her kitchen. She even shares recipes of her delicious (by the look of it) desi dishes on her blog!


Why you should follow? Insha, from Lahore, invites you to “come for the food, stay for the story”. Her Instagram is full of colourful photographs but more importantly, this foodie shares contact details of where to find most of the scrumptious eats she photographs!


Why you should follow? This last one is a food voyeur’s dream. Zorain’s photography makes food seem that much more exciting and tantalising as he finds and shares pictures of exotic foods and locations.