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10 Signs You’re Back In Pakistan After A Summer Abroad

There’s no Place like Home


By Leena Hassan

After several idyllic months free from domestic issues, school runs and power shortages, the desi glitterati have landed on home turf. We now know how poor Dorothy felt after leaving the merry old land of Oz.

Here’s a quick round up of the back-to-Pakistan jhatkas you are most likely to experience after a holiday.

  1. The first person you call is your personal trainer/nutritionist/waxing lady.
  2. You are assaulted by ads and invitations for multiple designer’s latest collections. Wasn’t Eid only a week ago?
  3. You start planning your itinerary around your child’s tuition schedule, and instead of requesting funds for a PS3 your child requests personal tutoring from one of the big names.
  4. It becomes necessary to book movie tickets a week in advance for the latest Bollyood/Lollywood flick. Whatever happened to just turning up to the cinema?
  5. You spend more time with your tailor than your significant other. After all, those food babies have to be accommodated without anyone noticing you had three helpings of sushi.
  6. You spent all summer craving home-cooked food, but end up dining at Xanders/Polo Lounge/Okra every other day.
  7. Your entire body is covered in mosquito bites.best_restaurants_london_central_lunch
  8. You end up waiting three hours for a dentist’s appointment, along with five other people that have been fitted into the same slot.
  9. You are continuously honked at by impatient drivers who want to break the red light. We thought patience was a virtue!
  10. Within the week, you find yourself speed-dialing your travel agent in preparation for a long weekend abroad (off-season discounts and PIA direct Karachi to London flights zindabad!)