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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mahira Khan

She’s a real “sweet” heart

By Rozina Bhutto

While we may know everything about Mahira the actress, there is little information about Mahira the Woman. The queen of the Pakistan cinema has always been open about her career and work, but usually private about herself. We know she slays in a saari, and how she feels about ever getting married again but before the release of Verna, Women’s Own was lucky enough to spend time with her again during our now infamous “Power Shoot”, and convinced her to divulge some little known personal tidbits. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Mahira Khan…

  1. She wanted to become a Chemical Engineer…

Until she realised, “that this [chemistry] had very little to do with O or A-level chemistry!” so she opted for Psychology and Journalism courses instead.

  1. She has worn a burqa to avoid getting mobbed

“Yes, I have,” Khan says with such a big grin that I, and the chowkeedar standing behind me, both were intrigued. “I can’t tell you when, but it was a very interesting circumstances.”

  1. Raam Lakhan and Pyaasa had a huge impact on her

“One day, Ghalti se we watched Raam Lakhan and I saw Madhuri,” Khan reminisces with a smile when I ask her to pinpoint the exact moment when she realised that she wanted to become an actress. “And I was like I want to be her.”

“Then at around 16, my khala, who is a big influence in my life, showed me Pyaasa. It is a black and white film [starring] Guru Datt. I thought it was amazing.”

If you haven’t watched Pyaasa, Mahira suggests you go watch it now!

  1. And so did Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

She was obsessed with Anjali. “I was intelligent enough to know, even at that time, that the cut was not to be had.”

But that didn’t stop her from owning a basketball and trying to spin it on her finger.

  1. Her character in Saat Din Mohabat In is called Neeli

Now, that’s one interesting name isn’t it? And by the sound of it, the film promises to be a riot.

  1. She had to learn Punjabi for Maula Jatt

“It was as if I was doing a foreign language film,” she shares with a laugh. And those of you who don’t know, she plays Mukhoo – a girl besotted with Maula AKA Fawad Khan.

Yep, Maula Jatt brings the hottest on screen couple of our industry back together again.

  1. If she weren’t an actress she would….

“definitely have completed my psychology degree.”

  1. She isn’t the highest paid actress

Not at least for films and television. Go, digest that.

“I do this [acting in films and drama] for passion. I make my money through commercials. I might be the highest paid in commercials, but even there I slack off. If it was for money, then I’d be doing a lot of things.”

  1. She loves Keihl’s

Two out of four of her (pretty minimal) skincare routine products belong to Keihl’s. So girls, start stocking up on this brand if you haven’t already.

  1. She likes her chai strong and sweet

She requested two teabags and two teaspoons of sugar in her tea.