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10 Trends That Ruled PSFW 2017 

And should now rule your wardrobe too!

By Mahvish Ahmed

The three-day PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week frenzy came to an end on Saturday, and we’re wondering if the madness was worth it? Fashion weeks are supposed to introduce trends that dictate our sartorial choices for the next few months and while this edition was not exactly a ‘trend-setter’, it did help us take the very important decision: Should we or should we not throw our tulip shalwars out yet?

We sorted through albums and albums of designer wear to find out trends that rocked the ramp last week.

A Striped Affair

Those clean-cut stripes are perfect for the summer! Sport them on your tops, gharara pants, culottes or boot legged pants and FTW.

From left to right: HSY, Saira Rizwan, and Ali Xeeshan

The Power of Yellow

If you think yellow isn’t for everyone? Think again. From bright yellows to mustards and marigolds, top designers show us various ways to incorporate this cheerful, but tricky hue from day to night.

 From left to right: Saira Shakira, Ali Xeeshan, Sana Safinaz, Khaadi Khaas


Befriend Those Ruffles

Big or small, adorning tops, or spiraling along lowers; ruffles are trending big time and there is no denying that. Embrace them whole-heartedly if you love to stay fashionable.

Statement Pants

This season, statement pants are not about print but about bows, ruffles and volume.

 From left to right: Sania Maskatiya, Cross Stitch, Zonia Anwar, Sapphire


Show that Shoulder

The fashion world is still obsessed with the shoulders! But instead of giving us the cold shoulder this time around, they’ve decided to focus on just a single one.

 From left to right: Misha Lakhani, Saira Shakira, Sania Maskatiya

Black and White Makes Everything Right

Monochrome is always in, and this season, even more so. Kaftan tops, organza wraps paired with gharara pants, casual suits, and tees paired with asymmetrical skirts – you can rock this combination in multiple ways.

From left to right: HSY, 2. Zonia Anwar, Sania Maskatiya, Sana Safinaz


Turn Up The Volume On Those Sleeves

If your sleeves are not voluminous, trust us, you are far, far away from nailing the style game.

 From left to right: Ali Xeeshan, Cross Stitch, and Khaadi Khaas

Bows Are More than just Disney

Sport them around your waist, on your pants, on your sleeves, or around your neck; bows are cute and no more limited to your daughter’s hair band.

 From left to right: Sania Maskatiya, Cross Stitch, and Saira Rizwan

Luxury Meets Sport

Sporty side stripes grace formal lowers and you are not allowed to shy away from them.

From left to right: Saira Shakira, Saira Rizwan, and Sapphire

Tinge of Fringe

Resort to extra long fringes when you need some drama in your look.

 From left to right: Ethnic by Outfitters, Saira Rizwan, Shiza Hassan