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To celebrate the love for YOU


By Mahvish Ahmed

We bet that right now you must be planning on how to make Valentine’s Day magnificent for that special someone, but don’t let the love for your SO make you forget about loving yourself as well. This year we have been true advocates of self-love and what could be a better opportunity than Valentine’s to express it? After all, a woman is so much happier when she is pampered and has her chocolate cravings addressed. Don’t you agree?Here are some ideas on how to express love for YOU tomorrow by treating yourself. Scroll through our picks of pretty kurtas, bags, foot candy and more.

P.S. Tag your other half for some inspo.

Heart shaped cross body bag by 9Lines

In Article-10-min

Strawberries, roses and truffles box by Dessert Directory (Lahore)

In Article-2-min

The generously embroidered wrap-around kurta from Sapphire’s Valentine Collection

sapphire2BTW Pakistan’s bright red clutch with a tassel

In Article-12-min

BTW Pakistan’s playful hearts and eyelashes top

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The perfect red lipstick by Inglot Pakistan

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The super cute espadrilles by Miaasa Shoes

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The mouth-watering edible roses by Lal’s (Karachi)

lals2Gorgeous gold plated ear candy in meenakaari by SOMA

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Special Valentine’s Day deals by Ghar Par for a relaxing evening at home (Lahore)

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Collared silk night suit by Blood Orange

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The Valentine’s Day appropriate ZARA bag from Minkpakistan’s Instagram shop

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