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12 Thoughts After Watching Janaan

Is it worth a watch?


By Mahvish Ahmed

This family rom-com set in stunning  Swat showcases some beautiful young talent and some major drama. With promotions by a gorgeous cast, Reham Khan’s big film production debut and the promise of seeing Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as more than the war on terror, we were psyched for the premiere this weekend on Saturday. Did Janaan live up to the hype? Kinda.

Head to the cinema for:

1. The ‘Switzerland of Asia’

Some brilliant cinematography captures the natural beauty of Swat. The scenic beauty of the area is one of the center pieces of the production. Kudos to the filmmakers for a brilliant decision.

2. The LOL moments

Osman Khalid Butt made it big with his absolutely hilarious YouTube videos back in the day. As the writer of ‘Janaan’, his razor sharp wit and comedic timing shine through Ali Rehman Khan’s character.Ali delivers every punch line to perfection and, as far as we are concerned, steals the show!

3. The Bollywood-style Title Track

The romantic track by Indian composer Salim-Sulaiman will have you humming it as you walk out of the cinema.

4. The Groovy Dance Number

Shor Sharaba’ is so catchy that we couldn’t help but tap our feet as it came on. It is sure to be the next mehndi sensation this wedding season.

5. The Hunky Lead

Bilal Ashraf has a sultry sizzling angry look going on throughout the film. His larger than life presence and those oh-so-yummy dimples that make frequent appearances left us swooning. Are his acting chops enough to make him the next Pakistani export to Bollywood? only time will tell.

6. The Bubbly Young One

Haniya Amir is a breath of fresh air! At just nineteen-years-old she comes across as the most natural actor on screen. She is, by far the strongest female actor in the film.

7. The Local Language

While the entire film couldn’t have been in authentic Pashto, we loved that the most intense scenes where the dialogues have to come dil se were delivered in pure beautiful Pashto.


8. Editing Issues

Some scenes drag on for too long without purpose and some scenes just don’t add any value to the plot or story altogether.

9. Plot holes

Someone needs to tell these guys that no one gets this high on local anesthesia!We found it a little difficult to believe that daughters of big Pakhtoon landlords drive around alone in their lands wearing wedding wear in the dead of night.


10. A bit too wholesome

The chemistry between the two main leads is lacking. We never really understood when they fell in love and how. Bilal and Haniya had much more chemistry as brother and sister.

11. Confusing family trees

You will not for the life of you figure out who is who’s offspring? With such a big happy family always on screen at the same time we were often left wondering who is related to whom and how.

12. Strange sub-titles

Your speed reading skills will come into serious play. The subtitles, strangely enough, are written in Roman Urdu and fly past at bullet speed before you are even able to understand that the dialogue was in Pashto and you were supposed to be reading and not listening.


  • Sabeen Ghazi

    Armeena Khan srsly can’t act thoough.