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13 Pants Better Than The Tulip Shalwar

Bottoms Up!

By Sherazade Khan

We are in an age where everything – from your ruffled sleeves to the bridgeless sunnies – contribute to your overall look. So, the next time you go out shopping, choose your lowers wisely because it is time to put on your fancy pants.

The tulip shalwar (though still reinventing itself now and then) is a thing of past. Whether you tilt towards desi wear or full-on western one, our pick of funky trousers will definitely have you (and others) do a double take. So which one will you pick?

Louis Vuitton takes the basic jean and gives it a space age feel with a reflective plastic look. It doesn’t look too over the top when paired with a basic white jumper. One thing is for sure, it will keep your legs safe from the monsoon rain!

If Lemaire’s super provocative ultra sheer pants aren’t crazy, then what is? Probably not the best buy to wear on the streets in Pakistan, but something to try out at your friend’s next house party with a top that covers your bum!

House of Masaba showed the wrap-around shalwar at the Lakme Fashion Week last month, and we love how it is a close relative of the good old dhoti shalwar yet is different.

It seems like the lacha style is about to make a comeback, especially since YBQ is too adamant on making it a unisex item.

This easy to wear jodhpur inspired pant by Ayniat, in a stunning summery orange, is a bit of east meets west with a twist! The cape not only adds character but compliments the trousers in a unique way.

YBQ’s drape shalwar, worn here by Natasha Baig, is a fun take on the traditional one and adds a whole lot of spunk to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Wear it with a longer kameez or a short top depending on your physique.

These gorgeous lace cigarette pants by Sanam Chaudhri are lined till about mid-calf and then left sheer. We love the feminine look which is especially accentuated with the dangling beads at the end.

Zainab Chottani’s wide legged flared pants resemble a gharara and have got a great fall and we can only imagine how stunning it would look when one walks. You must pair with high heels!

We love this entire outfit by Shehrnaz! The gorgeous peek-a-boo lining in shades of blue amidst the white takes our breath away. Back to the pants though, there’s something sensual and sexy about the ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ use of sheer fabric.

Shehla Chatoor pairs her luxury lawn for Shariq Textiles with this traditional looking crush lehenga with a printed border.

It looks like there’s no extent to how wide you can go when it comes to flared pants! This bold printed number from Shehla Chatoor’s luxury prêt collection, Shahnameh looks exquisite and exudes an almost regal feel, especially with the heavily embellished short top.

These tasselled white trousers in simple white by Agha Noor would go with just about anything. They’re fun, quirky and definitely a wardrobe staple worth investing in!

Speaking of tassels… Sapphire’s slightly A-lined take on it is quite pleasing. Incorporate tassels throughout the whole outfit to tie it all in or you can also replace them with pompoms if you’re getting it stitched.