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13 Sneakers Your Wardrobe Is Begging You To Buy

Some of them are on sale

By Sherazade Khan 

Do you spend an awful lot of time on your feet? Have you been battling back issues and sudden leg aches? Does the discomfort leave you thinking, “I know I’m getting old, but not THAT old!”? If that sounds oddly familiar, then all you need to do is to look down. No, not in shame. Check out your shoes. The pair you’re wearing might be the reason behind your unsightly blisters and perpetual discomfort.

Why don’t you become a sneaker-oholic?

We’re talking practical, somewhat sexy pair of shoes. The best part about sneakers is that they’re comfortable, uber cool, and are good all year through. Heck, you don’t even need the excuse of a back ache to wear these, they’re THAT cool. 

We scouted the stores and rounded up some of the funkiest sneakers in the market right now.

These unisex Adidas sneakers are just what you need to make your wardrobe a bit ‘androgynous’ – a trend everyone from Rihanna to Selena Gomez is obsessing over. Aren’t they super fly? We bet they’d look great with ripped jeans and an open plaid shirt over a white tee.

Pick them up from your nearest Adidas store for Rs. 8,500. 

A sneaker that looks like it is made of marble is all kinds of cool. Don’t get fooled by the texture, it is the comfiest pair you’ll ever own. They have a cushioned sole, which means you can wear them to work, GT, and your gym.

They’re available for Rs 14,400 at Adidas stores. 

Does your life consist of you running around like a headless chicken for a large part of the day? These slip-ons by Reebok are uber convenient and look smart enough to wear into work. What’s more? They’re actually trainers so you can work that gym routine right into your hectic day, without having to worry about a change of shoe!

Make these yours for Rs. 6,600 by visiting Reebok.

Don’t let this sneaker fool you. It may look boring on the outside, but look again and you’ll spot a gorgeous layer of rainbow colours shimmering underneath. Unleash your hidden unicorn with these Puma trainers available for Rs 19,890.

The good news? Puma is having a 50% sale on their stock right now! 

If you’re a casual kind of gal, then these simple pink and white sneakers are for you. The Barbie pink adds just the right amount of femininity to this otherwise unisex shape.

They’re available at Puma for Rs 13,000 at full price and Rs 6,500 during the sale. 

Does your personality lean towards the glitzy side? If so, then these two glammed up sneakers from Mango are just the thing to make your heart beat faster!

The sequinned hi-tops are available for Rs 4,990 and the metallic effect sneakers for Rs 5,990 at Mango.

Remember the good old school days where we had to wear white badminton shoes for PE? How I hated them and yearned to wear my flourescent Nike shoes. Sigh. Looks like that white PE look is in vogue and Mango has you covered!

If tennis shoes are your thing then these sneakers with eye-catching contrast appliqué detailing are screaming your name! Go get them for Rs. 5,990 in store. 


These ever-so-slightly jute inspired Del Rey Tom’s Sneakers sport more sass than Kim Kardashian on a good day! What’s more? You’ll be making a socially responsible decision by picking up a pair for Rs. 9,500 from F Scociety because with each purchase, Tom’s gives children, who are in need, a free pair of shoes. How’s that for retail therapy? 

Is chamak challo  your middle name? Are you a fan of classic black and gold combo? For all the golden girls out there, these rapper-esque sneakers are for you! Grab the comfy genuine leather shoes for Rs. 4260 from Sulafah.

But if you’re looking for a more subtle version of the above, then invest in these wicked whites. They’re also priced at Rs. 4260.

Don’t want to be flashy and hate the rubber sole? We got you! These flats are not only neutral but with their chic stripes they’re effortlessly stylish. Remember Aisha Khan’s street style in London? Available for Rs. 3760 from Sulafah (again), these would look ultra cool with ripped denim and a pullover.

Run, walk, work or play – these shoes will have you covered, whatever your day brings!