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15 Things Under Rs. 1500 That You Must Buy

From makeup to shoes, we’ve got you covered in just 1.5k!

By Rozina Bhutto

What are 1500 rupees in this mad mad world? “Not much,” says the pessimist inside you. “A LOT,” say the intelligent ladies at Women’s Own. Sure, do purge on things you love every now and then but don’t fall into the fallacy that only Rose balm by Terry can give you the perfect pout, Vaseline’s Rosy Lips balm does the trick in a fraction of its price.

Instead of depressing yourself to death over your insufficient bank balance, take a note of all the amazing products available under PKR 1500.

P.s some are as low as PKR 70!

A funky notebook

It is a life saver! You will never forget to make presentation for that very important meeting of yours once you invest in this beauty. Bullet journaling is the way to go and good looking notebooks make the task all the more easy!

You can find multiple designs at 9 lines for PKR 550. And if you want those fancy ones with a flap then head to Khaadi with PKR 750.

And if carrying a notebook is not your thing then buy this A-3 size dry-erase To-Do list board for PKR 1199 from an Instagram page called MM’s Workshop. It is available in A-4 size as well.

A water bottle

Again, a necessity which one cannot and should not ignore. A small research conducted in our home concluded that chances of you obeying the ‘eight glasses a day rule’ increases if a beautiful water bottle is in sight.

Priced at PKR 1400, these water bottles by 9lines literally call out to you after every few minutes.

Passport cover

Do you have that boring green laminated passport which does absolutely nothing for your style? Hide hose away in this colourful passport cover by 9lines and present it proudly at airports. Don’t forget to flick your hair while you’re at it for added glamour.

The cover is made of thick Cotton with Polyester Lining Inside and costs PKR 1400.

Arm plus hand candy

Don’t want your passport cover to outshine your hands? Invest in this pack of four rings by Khaadi and plop them on whenever needed. You can use the smaller ones as midi rings and make a statement in just PKR 1100.

After taking care of the hands, it is time to tackle those awkward wrists which get in the way while you’re talking or walking. It is imperative that you make them worth looking at and a chunky bracelet can do the trick. This one by Khaadi for PKR 700 is our favourite at the moment.

Restorative Night Cream

Arm candy is important, but your face is the focal point of your entire image and we’ve got a solution for that too. Nature charms’ Restorative Night Cream is priced at PKR 1300 and has amazing reviews. It is rich in antioxidants like green tea and age defying miracle herbs such as Brahami. This sound like the perfect treatment for your face over the night!

Spray Moisturiser

Yes, these exist and can minimize your morning routine from 30 minutes to 10 minutes! Vaseline’s Intensive Care Moisture Spray is a godsend and comes in a number of flavours. Take your pick for PKR 595.

Lip balm

Wake up! Using a lip balm is not just a ‘winter thing’! If you want your lips to look smooth and pink then keep one in your bag, one in your bedside table, and one on your dresser. Yes, it is that important and this tiny tin one by Vaseline is tinted and costs something between PKR 100-200.

Gold slides

They are every girl’s best friend for two reasons:

  1. They flatter any shape size
  2. They look good with jeans, shalwar, ghararas, capris…basically, everything!

These must-have slippers are on sale on Outfitters’ website for PKR 1393 only. Go grab em’ before they run out!


They’re equally multi-functional as gold slides and you can find a wide variety of these – from kheris, khussas, to actual kolhapuris – at markets like the uzma Centre in Karachi and Khussa Mahal in Lahore. We visited Uzma Centre and found the perfect tan peshawaris, white floral kolhapuris, and a bright red khussa each under PKR 1500. With your Amma’s bargaining skills, they may even go down to 700!

Rose Water

The one form Saeed Ghani comes in this small spray bottle that you can keep in your bag at all times. Whenever you feel tired, pull it out and spritz your face with the rosy liquid. It is the perfect solution to avoid dehydration in this heat and that too in just 70 rupees!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother is available at all leading store for PKR 950 and is a must-have. ACV is a miracle solution that is good for your hair, skin, ad overall health. Mix a spoonful of foul smelling ACV in lukewarm water every morning and bid adieu to a plethora of health problems and say hello to glowing skin.

Matte foundation

Maybelline introduced its Fit Me range and every single person became a fan! Especially those suffering from oily skin. It is a steal at and will solve your everyday woes with one quick pump. Just take a pea sized amount of the potion at the back of your hand, blend it into your skin with a wet sponge, and say hello to gorgeous, spotless skin!

You can buy it for PKR 1148 from Maybelline kiosks spread across Pakistan.

Lip And Cheek Stick

We’ve tried Body Shop’s Lip And Cheek Velvet Stick and we love it. The shade called Poppy Coral is flattering for every skin tone and why wouldn’t you want a product that does two jobs? Also, the velvet texture is so much better than the sticky one found in tints. Head to any online makeup page now and order the Lip and Cheek Velvet stick from the USA because they’re having a sale and it only costs $8 for the time being!


Eye Pencils

Maybelline’s Master drama eyeliners in Couture Green and Blast Of Blue are the bomb! We’d suggest you to recreate the dramatic looks spotted at Cannes with these eyeliners that have the smoothest application ever. They’re priced at PKR 900 each.


A Mascara

How can one complete their makeup look without overdosing on mascara? It instantly opens up your eyes and has become a must for every woman out there. We recommend Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Falsies Mascara for PKR 1099 – it is waterproof and makes your eyelashes look voluminous like nobody’s business!

Buy it here.

Here Is A Bonus

We know we promised only 15 products but these services were too good to ignore.

Dermalogica Cleansing

If you live in Karachi then we have a good news for you, Ellemint salon has 30 per cent off for the first ten days of Ramazan, so why not take advantage of it? Their basic Dermalogica cleansing will cost you around PKR 1400 only. Head to Khadda Market and get rid of those pesky blackheads and the debris that’s accumulated for the past month or so.


Shiny hair, anyone?

Beauty And The Botanist is a salon in Karachi that offers all natural solutions for every problem. Their shiny hair treatment is for PKR 1500 and includes a scalp massage using Aloe Vera gel, followed by oiling, and an Apple Cider vinegar rinse to lock in the shine.