The Other Side To Friend Zone

Suppose there is a good guy, seemingly the perfect man in your life but you don’t feel attracted to him in a romantic way, is that wrong? In today’s time, whether you become someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend or not but you surely are to be ‘friend zoned’ at least once.

Although it is funny, as soon as a guy is friend zoned, he is no longer seen around that girl because he is too heartbroken by the rejection and is also mocked by everyone. After all,  he made it to the friend zone.



In easy words, friend zoning is when one person is interested in being more than just friends while the other party is not so keen about taking their friendship to another level. Hence, one is left with heartache whereas the other is left with guilt and awkwardness.



Talking from experience, once a girl rejects the guy, he vanishes away from her life. It would have been okay if the guy was someone with whom there was no such interaction and he fell for you but what about someone whom you called your best friend? He fell for you, you said no and now you lost your best friend!

‘I knew he liked me but I never acknowledged it or anything. He knew I was interested in someone else. Long story short, he confessed and I just couldn’t picture him like that hence I very politely told him ‘sorry’. After that he just blocked me off from everywhere. A guy who used to talk to me 24/7 just abandoned me like that. I still wonder, was he only with me because he wanted something more?’


Feelings cannot be imposed. A person who is only good to you because he wants a romantic relationship and the moment he’s told, ‘no’ he walks out, just is not right for anyone. Sure, he may seem like the perfect guy at that time, but later on, this guy will become a nightmare to deal with. Girls, stop feeling guilty for saying no to someone you didn’t feel a thing for. Better to stay single than to be with someone just because you HAVE to and not WANT to.

‘My daughter got a proposal, the guy was a gem. We all really tried to convince her but she didn’t agree. Once the rejection news went out, the guy who even is my nephew stopped meeting me! Before he used to be like a call away more like always ready to help and after this episode he turned into this weird stranger’.

So, when you don’t get what you want it is completely justified to leave without any closure and strand the other person with so many questions and guilt?


Be happy boys, girls are friend zoned too! You aren’t alone in this. However, in all honesty, most girls don’t just leave the guy because he showed no interest. They stay, because for them friendship is equally important.

Friend zoning someone helps you find out their true colors and you don’t need someone in your life that is there with an agenda to achieve.



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