You Must Check Out This Pakistani Martha Stewart!

Sehar Sohail, The Pakistani Martha Stewart is one feminist all men chauvinists love to hate! Aspiring physician and comic artist, Saher Sohail, captures illustrations that beyond doubt depict the life of an urban Pakistani girl, perfectly.

Who is Saher? Born and brought up in the United States. Belonging to a Punjabi family her roots come from a conservative family. This girl uses art to share her experiences, jokes and cultural familial concepts in visual representation. Her pictures are right on point, always.  A picture with a punchline every brown girl can relate too!

Haven’t we all gone through the time when we just couldn’t go out alone? Even if our brother is 10 and we’re 15, he is accepted to protect us. Some logic we can never understand.

"Take your brother with you"

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Jab larka larki razi toh kya karayga qazi? Don’t know about qazi but the boy’s mother should be willing for the wedding otherwise the to be daughter in law is in for a lot of drama!

Kabob mein haddi

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Arrange marriage all the way! Sadly, majority of the girls still have no say in such an important decision of their life. What a girl wants, who cares? When the parents like the guy then it is a YES! No, matter if the girl is not at all attracted to him but he fulfills the good ‘damaad’ list so it’s all finalized. Sigh*

Instead of "I said yes" 😂

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The jealousy, complexity and showing off games. Sehar leaves no point untouched.

"Yeh Nakli hai"

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Seriously, what’s with SO many functions? Other people have a life too *rolls eyes*. Also,  if you attend all the events and miss just one, even then the hosts are unhappy. One cannot win here.

Weddings nowadays 🤷‍♀️

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Here she finds you, your perfect sapno ki rani, your dream girl. Isn’t this IT?

The ideal girl

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Because we all need a man to complete us. Also, if we get a man who then leaves us, our life is doomed. Ugh no, aunties, it’s better to be single than in an unhappy marriage.

Divorce is looked upon as a taboo in South Asian societies. But men who divorce don't face the same barriers that women do from their family, friends and community. Rather they face the blunt of the blame for any shortcomings in the marriage. " She should think of the children", "She's already spent so many years with him now, what's the point of divorce now?", " Who will marry her now?", "Now she will be her parents burden" and so much more. No one blinks an eye when a divorced male moves on to remarry or move on with his life. However when a female tries to do so, she is scrutinized in all aspects of her life, any decision she chooses to make to move on. The problem also stems from our societies fantasizing marriage as a sacred rite, which must be upheld even in the face of all sorts of compromises. Compromises which are put as a burden on a woman's shoulders most of the time. He cheated? Just forgive him, where else will you go? He abuses you? He doesn't care for you? He doesn't support you? So on and so on. It never ends, the suggestion is always the same. Just stay, compromise, there is no other option. If a woman decides to divorce a man and move on from her marriage, it is no business of yours what she is doing with her life now. Whether she wants to remarry, whether she doesn't remarry, whether she works, or goes back to school or lives with her parents. It's none of your business. Your backwards comments dressed as fake sympathies are helping no one.

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Can someone please give our ‘oldies’ some Biology classes and educate them on how the babies are made?

The only issue we girls have is the amount of flesh we carry and how much weight we are putting on this earth. Everything else? Irrelevant. Sheesh!

When you're trying to make some open dialogue and Aunty is distracted 😂

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Biwi hoon babysitter nahin. Marriages have become more like adopting a grown up man!

No more Yahoodi sazish now it is all about the Feminist sazish. Way to scare these aunties, we go girls!

Like their worst nightmare coming true.

How to scare aunties this Halloween.

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Any guarantee that the husband won’t be a typical desi man?

The struggle 👰🏽 v. ✈️ #kermitmeme #parody

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Are you with us?


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