Client Stories From Sephora Workers!

Sephora – a place not unknown to the ears and eyes of many, especially women.  A place where we all want to go, not just for our beauty needs, sometimes just for a quick visit! But whenever we go, one thing that we always ensure to get our hands on is samples and plenty of them.

As a client, there are some demands and expectations we have from all or most of Sephora employees, and we deserve to have them met! Clients as they like to say – burning a couple of thousand dollars here and there. But there are always two sides to a coin – so today we present to you the other side of the story. We interviewed Sephora employees who work in the skincare department and their responses to our questions were pretty interesting.

Tell us about Sephora’s best selling products.


Makeup: Fenty Beauty is trending a lot. Other popular products are Nars, Huda Beauty, and the Estee Lauder foundations.

Skin: The Boscia black mask is a very popular sell. Laneige is also trending, and sheet masks are client favorites!

Which is that one product of Sephora that you use religiously? Like a personal favorite? 

CEO moisturizer. Hydrating, brightening and packed with natural benefits. Lightweight and gives you a glow.

Share your Sephora work-life experience with us.

It’s a fun place to work. You meet a variety of people from all cast, creed, and color. You get to see women from different ethnicity walk in and unite over where beauty sells. It’s a fast-paced environment (depending on the location you work at). And you’re always first to know and implement beauty trends.

You surely must have extra benefits to be working at Sephora, tell us the perks of working there.

Sephora employees get free products from nearly all brands. From that $200 moisturizer to the new Foundation that just launched. The standard discount is 20%. You are always being trained on brands and products, and often get to meet and learn tips and tricks from the brand founders themselves.

What would you suggest are the MUST have from Sephora?

Honestly? Their skincare products. Yes, they are pricey, but they work well. There really isn’t a match for the results of some of them. A personal favorite would be the Marc Jacobs liner pencils. Ugh! So expensive but so effective!

 What is the one thing you despise about working there?

Us, Sephora members generally love our jobs. We do enjoy speaking to the clients and guiding them and helping them find that perfect routine. But what we don’t love, is ‘Not Buying Natalie’! What we’re to say is that  Sephora is expensive, we get it. So, we understand when you literally just want to take a sample. What we would appreciate though, is if you just say that in the beginning, rather than after a 45-minute consultation, and then a, ‘so can I get a sample of this?’ That’s just exhausting.

Everything is not always perfect, what are your workplace rants/woes?

Kindness. It’s not that hard my friends. Try it sometimes. Especially when you walk into a Sephora on a Saturday, with 10 gazillion people shopping their lives away, and then give the sales members rude expressions and verbal garbage for making you wait 5 long minutes before attending to them.

You deal with a great number of clients, every day. Share your concerns about them.

It’s hard to assure a client of your knowledge on anti – aging skincare when you’re younger. No matter how many benefits and features you explain, some simply don’t want to hear it from someone who’s under 30. So yes, we may not be going through the same fine lines and wrinkles, but the intensive training we receive from brands about products are worth it. So, people should try and trust the expertise.

One client you all dread and want to stay away from

So Sephora has now began to offer this lovely service called Mini Facials for clients. The purpose is to try products on their skin before they purchase it because they understand the dilemma of having sensitive skin.

The plot twist comes when every day the same client decides to come and get a mini facial done regularly and NEVER BUY A SINGLE PRODUCT! That’s a classic example of abusing a service. Those people are then the first to write about how Sephora has really lowered their standards. If we refuse a FREE MINI FACIAL to a client for their 7th visit that week doesn’t mean we have lowered our quality. These customers should know that we’re on to them.

Anything you want to give the clients a heads up on

If you come every day and ask for the same samples – unfortunately, we do notice and we do know. So, whenever you come by, and very innocently ask, ‘can I get samples of these?’ And we give you a tight-lipped smile and say ‘sure!’ We do that because we are nice but we know that you’re here for the samples only.


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