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3 dialogues from Hindi Medium that sum up our life problems

Saba Qamar couldn’t have made a more smashing Bollywood debut

By Rozina Bhutto

Time and again we read articles written by indignant writers berating Pakistan’s education system. This system is often termed “elitist”: a catalyst for the rising social division, and an embodiment of everything we hate about ourselves. If you want to command respect then you MUST speak English as fluently as the Queen of England or kill any dreams you might have of mingling with the educated high society.

The Bollywood film, Hindi Medium, talks about all those issues but instead of burdening us with high intensity emotional drama, it does so it in a light-hearted way. And we love that.

Irrfan Khan – a frazzled husband – and Saba Qamar – who plays the demanding wife – are a couple who wish to give their daughter the perfect life: one comprising of an elite school and rich friends who only communicate in English. Yes, that is their idea of a perfect life. Khan and Qamar’s characters are seen struggling to accomplish this seemingly simple task because

a) They are not super rich

b) The husband is not exactly fluent in the? English language

To fulfil their dreams, they end up in a neighbourhood that is far from it. Meanwhile, their daughter tries to live up to their expectations. Does she make it? This is what we will find out on 12th May.

Here are some dialogues from the trailer we absolutely loved!

“My life is Hindi but my wife is English”

Irrfan Khan delivers this dialogue rather dejectedly as he accepts his wife’s theory which is our next favourite dialogue.

Iss desh mein angrezi zabaan nahi hai, class hai Raj, class

Saba Qamar explains everything that is wrong with the South Asian society in this one simple statement. No matter how strongly we oppose the idea, we need to accept that it is true.

But let’s stop judging people on the basis of their English speaking skills or their bank balance.

“Because English is India and India is English!”

This one is especially true for India because their national language is English and not Hindi. It is not socially acceptable for any educated Indian to not know English. For them (and even for us) English is synonymous to education which shouldn’t be the case.

Saket Chaudhary, who has given us films like Shaadi Ke Side Effects is not exactly on our must-watch list because while his earlier film was beautiful to look at, it lacked substance. Let’s hope Hindi Medium will change that.