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3 Drugstore Foundations Better than High-end ones

You can thank us later

By Amara Javed

We might love to hate foundations because they “look soo fake”, but let’s face it, we cannot live without them. On days when our skin is so dull that it threatens to suck all the life from our surroundings, we need those few pumps to revive our face. No BB or CC cream can come to our rescue but do we really want to spend 5K on Chanel Perfection Lumiere every month?

Not really.

Hoping for a flawless face doesn’t always mean you need to spend half of your life savings on cosmetics. Drugstore brands have stepped up their game and it is time we stopped running after big brands and ending up broke.

Here are three drugstore foundations that can give you that smooth satin skin within your budget.

LÓreal Infallible

When LÓreal launched their infallible foundation a few years ago, beauty gurus on YouTube instantly fell in love and propelled the product into stardom. The full coverage foundation, that retails for about USD 12 was the first to relaunch drugstore makeup back into the limelight.

Image: LÓreal Infallible | Source: Google

Comparable to high-end brands like Estee Lauder and NARS, the Infallible foundation lasts all day, is waterproof, and does not crack no matter what the weather conditions are around you.

Maybelline Fit Me

Available in three finishes and 24 shades, there is a Maybelline Fit Me foundation for everyone. The medium coverage foundation designed for everyday use now has two companions: Matte and Poreless, and Dewy and Smooth.

Image: Maybelline Fit Me | Source: Google

The variety in its shades is reason enough to test this foundation, but the finish is really what sets it apart. This line is on par with higher end makeup brands like Tom Ford.

Revlon Colorstay

Revlon is an icon when it comes to drugstore makeup. It is one of the oldest and most affordable brands around. Their Colorstay foundation is a favourite amongst professional makeup artists. Not only does it cost less than USD 15, the foundation lasts for up to 24 hours and has a lightweight feel, so it won’t weigh your face down during the summers. It is perfect for the subcontinental summer!

Image: Revlon Colorstay | Source: Google