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4 Amazing Dry Shampoos Available in Pakistan

Good hair days are now just a spray away!

ArticleBy Palwasha Khan

Running late to drop the kids off at school or about to miss that big company meeting but cannot leave the house with that oh-so-greasy scalp? We’ve all been there. But, seems like dry shampoo has come to our rescue in such panic-worthy situations. Even hairstylists are obsessed with the pros of this stuff – its texturizing, volumizing and does actually give our hair that ‘freshly- washed’ effect.

While Pakistan can sometimes tend to be a little beauty-product deprived, we went out and find out where you can bag the best dry shampoos from to avoid your next icky hairdo.

  1. Herbal Essences

One of our absolute favorites is the Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo – not only is it priced at less than Rs. 300, it is available at Al Fatah, Green Valley and Victoria. You simply need to spray small bursts of it on your roots use your fingers to spread the product throughout your locks. The result: nothing short of shower-fresh hair.

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  1. Dove

Another great buy is the Dove Dry Shampoo and it’s definitely worth investing in. It’s a little pricier than the Herbal Essences one but the bottle is bigger – and the result is absolutely stunning. It not only gives your hair a squeaky clean look but also boosts the roots with a lift.


  1. Toni & Guy

The brand is uber famous for their styling products and that’s why they have an amazing range of dry shampoos too that cater to different kinds of hair. Since they specialize in hair products – the Tony and Guy Dry Shampoo range may be a tad expensive but satisfy hair that is flat, frizzy etc. They can be found at any Tony & Guy salon or even at good ol’ Al Fatah.

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  1. Batiste

Now this one may be harder to find but we’ve spotted it at Al Fatah so it does come and go in small quantities but doesn’t last a minute on the shelves – just because it’s that good. At a very reasonable price, it gives you a gorgeous blow dry effect after use. So ladies if you can get your hands on this one – it would definitely make your life easier.

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Exclusive tip from our Beauty Editor: In case of a major emergency – when you are out of even the last drop of dry shampoo – apply a bit of baby powder and spread it across your roots. Then comb it out and massage a little. The powder will have a drying effect on the oily roots and refresh them. However, this trick is to be done in a crunch and should not be carried out consecutively.