4 Ways to Supersize your wardrobe

Go big or go home


Hala Syed

Oversized clothing has been on the fashion radar often enough. We all remember the two-sizes-too-big boyfriend jeans and blazers, the tent-like paneled, ankle grazing shirts, and the very forgiving, shapeless ponchos – all reflecting attitudes of masculinity, modesty or comfort. But the fashion on offer this season seems to be saying something else.

It’s big and bold for the sake of being big and bold. Pieces are long and wide, proportions amplified but still distinctly feminine and pretty. Fashion echoes the role of women in the moment and how they are seen. It’s no wonder then, that clothes designed for modern women are hard to miss and impossible to ignore.

Women in Pakistan and their accomplishments are more visible than ever before. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s recent Oscar win and the women’s cricket team’s unequivocal victory became a prominent part of the news cycle. Violence against women is a big part of the social conversation despite the misguided opposition to the Women’s Protection Bill.

Women are claiming their space and making their presence felt. So designers are rightfully offering clothes that exude power and confidence. They have embraced oversize silhouettes in trousers, coats, tops and gowns. The trick is in understanding where to go big, where to peel back and how to balance the grandiose with something sleek.


An oversized top, paired with prim-tailored pants or skirt, plays with proportions and constructs a silhouette that defies the traditional hourglass. Instead of emphasizing curves, the shape highlighted is a line. In the case of SaniaMaskatiya’s asymmetric top, this line extends diagonally away from the body. At Muse and Sana Safinaz,lines become a square, ignoring cleavage, waist and hips. These established signs of masculinity and femininity no longer define us. Women are choosing the shapes they want to take.


Boxy blazers and billowing coats, combine amazingly well with feminine basics.Ali Xeeshan’s heavily embellished coat stretches in all directions .The rich fabric in KamiarRokni’sjacket keeps it large but defines shape. Muse’s slouchy blazer engulfs and changes the shape of the slinky dress worn underneath. This isn’t supposed to be an easy style to wear. It’s not subtle or understated. Oversized clothes are meant to announce your presence.


When talking about oversized clothes, most of the emphasis has been on loose tops and billowing jackets. However the easiest way to wear the oversized trend is on your lower half.SaniaMaskatiya’s wide-legged silk pants are exquisitely tailored and almost float around the body. At HSY limited, collaboration with Kashf Foundation, lowers were baggier but well-constructed, bulging out at just the right places. For statement making,look pair with slightly fitted tops,to create a triangular silhouette going down and out from a narrow shoulder frame.


For serious impact go big everywhere. Cinch it slightly at waist like Zara Shajahan and HSY Limited or let it balloon out like Ali Xeeshan. Pair with high shoes and modern accessories. When the body’s natural shape is distorted it is no longer the sole focus of attention. We are more than our bodies,and oversized fashion aims to force people to look past the body,and know theperson inside the body.