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4 Unexpected Winter Colours

Change your winter colour palette with the cool shades


By Maha Asif Rizwan

After nailing a vivid and stylish summer, ‘daring’ is your ticket to winter. In December, the colour palette usually starts from tan and extends to plum, but this time around the story has changed. The top trending colours this season are pleasantly unexpected, to say the least.  From fashion to beauty, below are the 4 gorgeous colours you need to wear in the winter months.

Diver Teal


Ditch your deep blues and get on board with Diver Teal. Emerging from forest green and venturing into violet, this colour is a charmer at first sight.

How to wear it: Whether you’re combining it with classic whites or slimming blacks, take your inspiration from the bold Rema Taseer, wearing Rema & Sheherbano, and try a Diver Teal look in velvet.

Bubblegum Pink


Ever thought you’d be sporting ‘pretty in pink’ late December? Well, rethink everything you’ve known about pink and get ready to bring out your blush rose and pale magentas this winter.

How to wear it: Our favourite piece this season is the soft and furry sweater from Breakout, styled with washed-out jeans for a casual yet chic look.

Dark Raspberry


The darker palette for the season has taken an interesting turn with dark raspberry as our top favourite. A gorgeous mixture of violet and magenta, this colour is proof that winter is upon us in all its glory.

How to wear it: We’re swooning over Dark Raspberry lipstick and our pick is the Color Studio’s Obsessed. The colour is bold, daring and perfect for the pale winter glow.

Copper Penny


Having strut international runways, the trending shade of Copper Penny has made it to the must-have list. While you wouldn’t expect a natural bronze glow with the summer gone, Copper Penny adds versatility with its reddish brown hues to your look.

How to wear it: Taking a beauty cue from fashion week, we suggest you grace your lids with the Copper Penny glow using the Maybelline Eye Shadow in Copper Fizz.