5 Big Reasons For Hair-fall

This is why

basics of hairfall

Tanya Muzaffar

Hair fall is a genuine concern for women. It is one of the worst feelings to run a brush through your mane and to see fistfuls of hair come away with the strokes. No, it is not god punishing you because you gave your mother a hard time when you were a child. Hair fall is caused for a reason, and the good news is, once you know what it is you can alter your habits to fix it. It is normal to loose 50-100 hair follicles on a daily basis. If you’re losing more than that, one of the following might be reason:

Over Washing

Pakistani summers can get quite tough on your hair. While you may be tempted to wash it every day, don’t.Over washing manages to strip the hair of natural oils, causing the scalp to dry out and begin to flake. As these flakes can get stuck, they attract dirt and dust, which ‘pollute’ the scalp, causing healthy hair to fall out. Not washing your hair often enough causes grease to trap dirt, which again creates an inhospitable environment around the roots. The ideal condition is where one washes their hair once in two days.

Over Styling

Let’s get real, every girl loves to have ‘pretty hair’ and some will go to the lengths to bleach the shafts,! While experimenting with hair is fun, it can also leave the tresses damaged. Your hair receives its love from the roots; however, as it gets longer, the root is too far to protect the length and this is where nurture comes into play. Excessive coloring and/or constant heat application will leave your hair dehydrated and frizzy. Hair like this is susceptible to breakages when brushed through. We highly suggest that you avoid lightening your hair and keep it away from hot tools as much as you possibly can.


A large order of friesmay help heal a broken heart but will do your hair no such favors. ,Processed foods are low on micro-nutrients andnever help with hair growth. Hair health begins at the roots and the proof is in the shaft. Crash diets will actually cause your hair to fall out because they are so nutritiously poor. In order to have healthy, lustrous tresses, you must increase your intake of fresh, leafy greens and Omega-3s. Tuna or salmon chunks, tossed over a spinach salad are one of the best meals you can eat for your hair!


Unfortunately, there is no battling your genetic predispositions – color, density, structure, etc.,are determined by your genes. You might not be able to reverse it, but you can surely slow the process down by increasing your anti-oxidant intake! foods for your hair include, broccoli, garlic, avocados, blueberries, etc., but make sure you eat them in moderate amounts to nourish your hair from the inside. From the outside, give back by oiling regularly, applying heat sparsely and by keeping the length tangle-free. Such small acts of kindness go a long way towards a good hair day.


Stress is defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.” These demanding circumstances end up taking a massive toll on your body by upsetting hormones. The upset comes generally from poor nutrition,lack of sleep or illness. If you can address these stressors, your hair growth, as suggested by the American Academy of Dermatology, should return to normal.