5 Fashionable Pakistani Instagram Accounts We Love

Are you following these style influencers?


The sepia-tinted insta-universe full of perfect landscapes and vintage teacups is the beautiful escape from our banal reality. But beware: in this digital wonderland, there are blurry images of celebrity coffees and IT-girls in matching lawns encroaching on your sense of wonder!

Follow these fashion-forward accounts that do so much more than choose between Valencia and 1977 (Valencia for life!)

1. @zarapeerzada

The stunning photos on Zara Peerzada’s account are playful and personal, offering a joyous and insightful look into the world of fashion and beauty. The model’s stream is full of classic beauty shots with thoughtful notes like “there are days that I go to work and I have to be an object, and there are days I go to work and get to be art.”

Fashion: traditional
Photography: high quality, often black and white – very stylized
InstaLove: Zara’s witty responses to comments are regular and pretty awesome!

2. @iman__hasan

This has to be one of our all time favourite accounts. This beauty from Islamabad now runs her own fashion PR company based out of Miami and is taking on the world of high fashion like no Pakistani has done before. Follow her fashion week jaunts across the globe every couple of months (each time with a brand new wardrobe to go with it). During her down time, she’s usually partying at exotic locations and eating fresh oysters on yachts in the latest resort wear.

Fashion: On Trend
Photography: stylized and sleek
InstaLove: Travel and fashion goals packed into one fabulous account

3. @nazliakbarofficial

This posh fashion label takes us inside their studio and into the lives of their beautiful customers. With the city’s who’s who, posing for the brand that reinvented the sweet but sophisticated look, this account is definitely worth a follow! The pretty pastel lace pants that have become a staple of every socialite worth her Birkin, make an appearance in almost every gram. And we just can’t help hearting each time!

Fashion: girl-next-door
Photography: high quality, stylized publicity photos.
InstaLove: the Nazli Akbar social media crew is available to answer all queries

4. @Batur_Mohammad

This artsy blogger who always makes his presence felt at fashion weeks and events is a taste maker on Instagram. Whether he is pointing out red carpet hits and misses or trend-spotting, this fashion guru is an opinion leader that every fashionista worth her Ruby Woo needs to follow.

Fashion: trendy
Photography: sketches and reposts
InstaLove: Batur’s love is restricted to his inner circle


5. @AbdullahHarisFilms

Abdullah Haris’s Instagram feed is a testament to his talent. The creative genius behind some of the most popular fashion campaigns this season,captures popular figures in their raw essence.

  • Zoha Skye

    Love Zara Peerzada!