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5 Instagram Shops We Love

This is a whole new kind of online shopping


By Saira Noorani

There’s nothing more frustrating than scrolling through all the fabulous outfits on display in social media and knowing you can’t wear it yourself. The tulip shalwar and box kameez can only scratch our fashion itch so much.

No need to have clothing envy anymore! We’ve gone through all the online shops on Instagram and narrowed down the list to these fashion forward brands. So get scrolling, screenshot-ing, and shop away knowing you can actually have these outfits sent to your doorstep:



Styleberri Spotted on Amna Baber:

Styleberri was founded and is run by Pakistani model and actress Kiran Malik.  When Kiran isn’t busy fronting campaigns for Crescent Lawn, or shooting for her debut film Zarrar with the likes of Shaan Shahid, she is running her online shop Styleberri.  Her clothing offers bold prints, including quirky animated clothing. Styleberri is usually spotted on Kiran herself, as well as gorgeous ladies and style icons like Amna Baber.


Boho by Sania


Boho by Sania as seen on Saba Pervez Dada:

Boho is run by Lahore based Sania Hasnain Ali, who also runs the popular The Exhibit with social media maven and entrepreneur, Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi. Even though she’s relatively new to the scene, Sania already has a large following because she understands what the Pakistani girl needs. Her brand has fun and wearable cuts in heat-friendly cotton. Boho can be snapped up at The Exhibit which has run across the main cities in Pakistan, or through Instagram and WhatsApp.


The T-Shirt Swag


The T-Shirt Swag seen on Woman of the World Farhana Bodi:

The T-Shirt Swag has been around for a few years and is run by entrepreneur mummies, Saliha and Shireen, based in London and Dubai.  This is truly an international brand that has been seen on many girls across the globe.  They not only offer their classic graphic T-shirts, but their new pearl embellished, and pom pom sweaters are highly sought after, and are available for pre order.


Dinz Clothing

Dinz Clothing

Dinz clothing has a mega social following from Rosemin Manji to Tala Samman, to Natalia Shustova:

Dinz Clothing is run by two beautiful sisters, Rima and Dina Zahran. Different from other online shops, they specialise in modest clothing with a quirky edge. Dinz clothing offers beautiful cuts like off-shoulder trumpet sleeves in bold summer colours, mermaid skirts in various lengths, caped-shorts, funky flamingo and feather prints. With Ramzan approaching, these ladies also offer elegant modest cuts without losing any style.


 Carnival Dubai


Carnival spotted on Gulzeb Owais, TV hostess Safa Khan, Shireen from The T-Shirt Swag, and a friend.

Carnival Dubai is run by Dubai based Gulzeb Owais, and offers an array of fun designers, including Gul’s own Hello Beautiful collection and a bespoke designing service. Carnival Dubai has a boutique on Jumeirah Road, and is a must-visit during any Dubai trip! The boutique also frequently holds exhibitions of different designers.