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5 Super Easy Ways to make your Living room POP

The new season is reason enough to re-vamp your homes and your lives

Spring is here and flowers are blooming all around us but is your home still suffering from winter blues? If it is, then take a sigh of relief because we have this figured out for you. Before your anxiety dissuades you from reading forward – trust us when we say, this isn’t a complete overhaul. Here are five extremely simple steps to make your living room space your favourite spot for the rest of the year!

Step 1: Add more light immediately

We bet the dreary greys and deep browns are making your mornings dark and gloomy. Why not replace the heavy curtains with airy white ones, and let the sun rays wash your woes away?

Step 2: There isn’t an ugly sofa cool cushions can’t fix

Once your home is full of light, you might notice that the dismal looking sofa in your lounge is calling out to you for help: It wants its life back.

Find the sofa that is the focal point of your lounge and DRESS IT UP with cushions. Use contrasting print if your sofa is rocking a cool pattern of its own. Adding print cushions to a solid coloured sofa is the easiest and most impactful way of giving it an immediate makeover. We suggest IDEAS new Peafowl range – they have the most adorable peacock patterns.

Step 3: Add a swing

Your next target is that reading corner that you’ve snuck in between your room and the family room. Hang a swing chair or hammock and make it comfy with add-ons (a throw or some more cushions). Snuggling in a corner with a book is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic week.

Step 4: Paint your coffee table neon

Hit the art store, look for the brightest most electric colour you can find, and bring it home. On a lazy Sunday, put on some old clothes and start painting your centre table. Make sure your paint brush reaches every single spot and the end product should have a nice, shiny glaze which can be achieved through deco paint spray.

Step 5: Cushions thrown onto a rug on a floor can create a whole new seating area

Open those windows, and sprinkle your living room rug with colourful floor cushions. If you, like us, are sick and tired of the usual, boring, solid colored cushions available in the market then don’t worry, IDEAS has come to our rescue. They offer funky printed floor cushions that can instantly add character to any nook.

This post has been sponsored by Ideas.