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5 Times Syra And Alishba Made Us Go Woah on Tonite With HSY

The Yousuf sisters could give Blair Waldorf a run for her money

By Rozina Bhutto

Gossip? Check.

Controversies? Check.

Kill-Me-Now moments? Check.

Viewers of last Sunday’s episode of Tonite With HSY were witness to many astonishing statements. It was probably one of the most exciting episodes in the history of HSY’s talk show. If the Yousuf sisters continue this streak, we might just end up electing them as our Prime Minister because that’s the kind of honesty we need in our lives.

Moving on, here are five moments from the episode that made us go “woah!”

Have you ever been No-Chummi zoned?

Well, Syra Shahroz just did that to Bollywood actor, Emraan Hashmi. Ouch. The actor, who is popularly known as Serial Kisser, popped up into the conversation during the rapid fire round. Here is what transpired:

HSY: React to following male celebrities…Emraan Hashmi.

Syra: Please don’t come near me.

HSY: *while laughing hysterically* It’s no chummi zone here!

And they all laughed happily ever after and so did we.

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Which Pakistani celebrity resembles Michael Jackson?

Koffee with Karan has taught us, that when asked a question that invites ridicule towards fellow celebs, the go-to response is to simply raise your brows and say, “there are sooo many,” and at most, pair it with a cheeky chuckle. But there was no stopping Alishba Yousuf.

HSY: Which Pakistani celebrity do you think will soon resemble Michael Jackson?

Alishba Yousuf: Sabs?

Her answer was followed by pin drop silence. A deadly one.

Rain: One   Makeup: Zero

On a scale of one to ten, Mehwish Hayat scores a hefty eleven when it comes to makeup. And the scoring was done by…you guessed it right: The Yousuf sisters!

HSY: Which celebrity shouldn’t go out when it’s raining?

Alishba: Mehwish Hayat…*moment of deliberation*…She’s a great actress but there’s A LOT of makeup there!

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The Hocanes have another thing to worry about apart from the C in their surname

Apparently, they’ve received more limelight then they actually deserved. Mawra Hocane might’ve made her big Bollywood debut ages ago, but it takes more than that to impress the Yousuf clan.

HSY: Who is the most overrated actor in Pakistan?

Syra: Mawra Hocane

HSY: You think kuch zyada hi izzat mil gayi!

Syra and Alishba: *Laughs*

Let’s conclude this story with the words uttered, rather helplessly, by the wise Alishba Yousuf on the show: 

 “We’re going to get killed!”