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5 Totkas To Help You When You Have A Nasty Cold

Baby, it’s cold outside!

By Palwasha Khan

Summer is now officially over (even in Karachi that is). So it’s time to face the unfortunate reality: You are going to get a cold – sooner or later. The worst bit about getting a cold is that not all colds are bacterial – this means that you cannot be treated with antibiotics if what you are suffering from is in fact a viral condition. In this case there isn’t much you can do but cancel your plans and crawl up straight to bed, until you are feeling functional of course. But we have some awesome news for you – even though we cannot give you a shield of protection from the viruses going about this winter, we have come up with a five (tried and tested) totkas that you can do to speed up your recovery this chilly season.

  1. Sip on coconut water

Coconut water is a good source of electrolytes and it will surely help replenish our hydration and electrolyte levels with that runny (and annoying) nose.

Image: BesthealthMag

  1. Chew on some raw onion

Disgusting? We know. This is one of the most unpleasant remedies to try BUT onions are naturally antimicrobial especially when raw. Plus they contain loads of sulfur that helps boost our immune response and even detoxify our system.

Image: BestHealthMag

  1. Order some oysters

The high zinc content boots white blood cell function to fight bacterial and viral infections. Plus it is beneficial for maintaining our mucous membranes and helps sustain their function especially during a nasty cold.

Image: FoodNetwork

  1. Get sweating

Moderately exercising has a huge anti-inflammatory effect on our body system and thus can substantially reduce the risk of prevailing infection – it boosts our immune response and fights off infection.

Image: ExerciseTips

  1. Wear wet socks

Sounds weird? Perhaps. But, certain studies have shown that putting on wet socks on your feet and then covering them with dry ones (wool, thermal or even cotton) has shown to boost immune response by increasing circulation from feet to the body and thus relieving congestion from the sinuses and head. By morning the feet are totally toasty warm and dry and the symptoms are definitely much better.


Try out these remedies and let us what hits the healing spot for you this winter.