5 Ways the Ponytail can Work for You

This simple hairdo is always a winner

Tanya Muzaffar

Summer is around the corner, and while we may want to rock open tousled tresses, the humidity will not allow us to dothat for more than a few minutesbefore it begins to stick to the back of our necks. We bring you 5 ways to rock a ponytail this summer and make it work for your length of hair.

Get Retro

If you get a curly blowout from the salon, take the length and pull it up into a high ponytail. The curls will give the length of the ponytail a voluminous appearance, while the height will keep the hair off your neck. Think Olivia Newton John circa Grease.

Get Tousled

For you with poker straight, 2nd day hair, begin by spraying your roots with dry shampoo for instant volume and texture. Next, pull your hair up into a high tail and twirl sections of the length with a curling iron, just to break up the monotony.

Get Sleek

This is a favorite of the red carpet. Straighten your hair and then pull it back, keeping the ponytail at eyelevel. Use a small section of hair to conceal the hair tie, spray the flyaways and comb them down, giving a polished look.

Get Low

Low tails are a fantastic way of softening up the face. However, they are risky as they love to fall flat. Here’s what we recommend: section the hair and tease it to give the crown some volume. With a soft hand, tie the hair at the base of the hairline. Feeling frisky? Let a few soft tendrils frame the face.

Get Fishy

So here’s what you gotta do: part your hair to the side and pull it into a low, side ponytail. Now go braid the length into a loose fishtail braid to give it a modern, undone appearance. It’s an easy way to dress up a simple ponytail!