6 Must-Have Fashion Apps


The only thing that changes faster than technology is fashion. To be on the cutting edge of both, it is essential that you have the best fashion apps out there so you’re always a step ahead of the pack.

Don’t know where to start? Not a problem! We’ve short listed the top 6 apps we feel will give you the edge you need:

1. My Dressing – Fashion Closet

My Dressing
my dressing 2

Every girl growing up in the 90s remembers Cher’s incredible virtual closet from Clueless, and longingly wishing to have one of her own. The wait is over.You no longer have to dig through your closet desperately looking for something to wear. Just snap pictures of your clothes and you have a convenient catalogue of your wardrobe at your fingertips. Mix and match items to create an endless variety of outfits with this free app.

What’s in it for the Pakistani woman?

With the speed at which trends cycle back (how many times will the Shalwarmake a “comeback?”), it’s possible that the must-have item of the season is something you already have. Being able to quickly browse through your wardrobe ensures that you make the best use of it. Save outfits well in advance, according to occasion and put an end to that last minute exclamation: “I have nothing to wear!”


2. Polyvore

polyvore 2

Addictive and inspiring, Polyvore allows users to unleash their inner fashion editor and put together an unlimited variety of mood boards and collages. As a bonus, it also has a home section, so after you create the perfect outfit, you can design the perfect room.

What’s in it for the Pakistani woman?

While shopping from the app might not be practical in Pakistan, inspiration is universal. Browsing through other members’ looks can give you styling ideas that you may never have thought of. It is also a good way to assess a product’s versatility. For example, if you’re not sure if the heels you are drooling after are a practical buy, try pairing them with different things and see how many unique looks you can create.


3. Measurements notebook

mesurements 2

This neat little app lets you store, access and share all the tailoring measurements you need, wherever you are. Best of all, each measurement is accompanied by a picture to clearly explain how it should be taken.

What’s in it for the Pakistani woman?

Despite the numerous options for ready to wear clothing, sometimes you just need to get things stitched or altered.  Measurements Notebook is perfect for budding and amateur fashion designers who love to make clothes for their friends and family.  Additionally, there’s room to add your own measurement specific to Pakistani clothes like shalwar bottom, neck depth, daman width, etc.


4. FAD – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary


It’s one thing to have great style and another to be able to converse about it in an articulate way. With over 1,500 entries, this dictionary explains all fashion related concepts from history and designers to fabric and sewing.

What’s in it for the Pakistani woman?

If you’re not the first to wear the newest designer lawn you can still impress with your extensive knowledge and fashion lingo.


5. Styledotme

styledotme 2

Even the most dedicated shopaholics find it difficult to shop alone. If you’re confused about what looks good, click a photo and instantly poll your friends and followers and get them to help you by rating your choices.Best of all you can set atimer to show how urgent it is!

What’s in it for the Pakistani woman?

Solve all your fashion doubt AND judge other peoples choices. This is a fashionista’s dream come true.



daraz 2

Almost all retailers have online shops nowadays, but Daraz is among the first to launch a mobile app. It’s easy to use and hassle-free. With this app you can enjoy shopping wherever or whenever you want.

What’s in it for the Pakistani woman?

While we are still waiting for a ShopStyle type app which allows you to browse through multiple stores at once, Daraz does have a diverse collection of brands ranging from Generation (ready to wear) to Al-Karam (fabric) andInsignia (accessories).