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A Complete Wedding Checklist For Dummies

Rule No. 1: Be happy

By Maha Asif Rizwan

While it takes a village to plan a wedding, it only takes one small misguided mistake or natural disaster – think rain or a sudden shutdown – to spoil your big day. With nerves running high, no amount of careful calculation can prevent an unseen hiccup. As wedding season approaches, we spoke to newly-weds and asked for some unerring advice for all brides-to-be.

Start a binder


Use it to write down all your numbers, details, costs, decisions, and meltdowns.

“It’s structured, therapeutic, and will be a great stroll down memory lane a few years later. All the things I was so infuriated about a few months ago, only make me laugh now,” a bridezilla of the past giddily dishes.

Trust your gut


There’s nothing like the power of your intuition. Dress, shoes, makeup, menu, mood – if something doesn’t feel right, ditch it pronto!

In the wise words of Saira – a creative marketer,

“You don’t need another reason to stress you out. You inevitably have to trust other people in planning a wedding, but your gut should be your number one decision making source.”

Hear, hear ladies.

Keep a close check on your budget


Image source: The Express Tribune

Whether you are paying your wedding bill or your parents are, those centerpieces that cost a fortune are just not worth it.

“Whether it’s a gift you’re buying for your in laws or part of the event décor, if it doesn’t have a shelf life of at least five years, don’t pay copious amounts of money for it. You will get carried away in the spur of the moment, but you will regret it a week later,” says Alina, dentist and an otherwise, shopaholic.

Keep a budget for your wedding and reel out your wishes accordingly.

Become friends with your designer

Image source: Lollipop And Laddu

All the hard work that went into picking out the perfect dress CAN go down the drain if your designer messes it up at the last moment.

“There’s no guarantee that just because it’s designer wear, there won’t be any mess ups. My designer refused to take my calls a week before my mehndi and I ended up wearing a sample dress to the actual event,” Beenish – a self-proclaimed foodie and chef – shares her wedding horror story.

Take out time to befriend your tailor or designer and stay stalkerishly close to them but DONOT turn into a bridezilla.

Be a guest at your own wedding

Image source: Farah Talib Aziz

Since you’re putting up your dream wedding you should be able to enjoy it. Go on and delegate tasks to those who are willing to help.

“The Pakistani culture is such that families are close and caring. My friends and family wanted to more than just participate. They helped out more than I could imagine and I am so grateful that I was able to relax in between and actually have fun,” reveals Iman, while catering to her bawling one year old.

Don’t have your heart set on perfection

Image source: Farah Talib Aziz

Natural or man-made, disasters happen; don’t aim for perfection and focus your attention on details that make you happy.

“I was frowning throughout my mehndi because everyone kept messing up the dances and yawning throughout my nikkah because I was up late making sure the flower arrangement was perfect. It was when my photographer pleaded on my reception that I realized I was forgetting to smile. I swear the minute I stopped noticing everything that I had a problem with, I felt genuinely happy and the pictures turned out to be frame worthy,” Faiza, boutique and OCD owner, shares a top tip for your big day.