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A Day In The Life Of A Celebrity Trainer

Syra Shahroz's fitness trainer spills it all!

You think you’re the only one who struggles with weight loss? They may look picture perfect but our celebrities have to work hard to maintain their bodies and make it to your TV screen, and helping them get there are their personal trainers. Hydris Wajiuddin is a well known name in the fitness industry and has worked with the likes of Syra Shahroz, Hareem Farooq, Hira Tareen, and many more. You might’ve also spotted him giving fitness tips on the reality show Miss Veet Pakistan. His inspiration is Bradley Martin’s body and his goal is to make you trim and fit!

We got in touch in with the man behind Hydro Fit Team to know how is a day in a celebrity trainer’s life like!

WO: What does your ideal day look like? Describe your routine.

Hydris: I start training my clients at 7am and it goes up till 10pm.  I take a lunch break from 12pm to 2pm and that’s about it. My routine mostly involves training from morning till night.

(Now, that sounds like a pretty hard life and for what? To keep his clients looking beautiful and healthy.)

WO: Since you start working at 7am, it is safe to assume that you are an early riser so tell us how can one become a morning person?

Hydris: You can develop this habit by staying motivated and keep trying even if you slip. You can start by waking up five minutes earlier every day and eventually you will achieve your goal.

WO: What would you say to a person who hates to go to the gym?

Hydris: Don’t lose heart. There are a million different ways to exercise that can suit every individual. If you don’t like the gym there are home workouts or outdoor workouts which the person should try.

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WO: What are the three major benefits of exercising regularly?

Hydris: It will keep you fit. It is good for your heart. And it is a great way to stay happy and have a stress-free life.

WO: Can one cheat their way to a healthier, more active life? For example, are there any two three exercises one can do in like 20 minutes every day and still feel and look fit?

Hydris: Of course, just take 20 minutes out everyday for a few planks and stretches or any other form of exercise, depending on your body’s requirements. You just need to form a right kind of exercise routine for your body. The key is to keep at it.

WO: We’ve noticed that celebrities are becoming more aware about their fitness – what’s the reason behind this latest trend?

Hydris: I wouldn’t call this a ‘recently introduced’ trend. They’ve always been into fitness, but since social media is quite easily accessible, the masses are now exposed to the fitness routines of celebrities.

WO: How is training a celebrity different from training anyone else?

Hydris: Actually there is no difference.

WO: When a celebrity comes to you, what do they usually ask for?

Hydris: Yes, they usually want to build their stamina, become stronger, and of course stay fit.

WO: What are the three things you live by?

Hydris: Consistency, never giving up, and hard work

WO: Your life motto is?

Hydris: No pain no gain

There you have it ladies, don’t shy away from the morning after soreness. You need to endure the pain to gain those washboard abs and naturally glowing skin.