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A Vogue Photographer In Karachi?

We know where we’ll be Friday night


title_croppedSomeone just turned up the style heat. We’ve had our fair share of award shows already this year (read: glittery stages and ugly prom dresses) and really weren’t too excited, until we heard this little nugget of information. It isn’t every year that Lux flies in a Vogue photographer from London to take celebrity photographs. Maybe it’s because they’re turning 15, or maybe it’s about time award shows picked up their game, but suddenly we’re interested!

According to the grapevine, Tom Parker who photographs for GQ, Harper’s Bazaar and Conde Nast Traveller besides Vogue, flew into Karachi last night. Apparently, this year he will not only photograph the Lux Style Award winners, but will also collaborate with the brand team to create a fabulous photo booth for everyone attending the awards this Friday.

To see how much of this is true we shall be attending, while you should tune into their live coverage here:

  • shahbaz sumar

    That’s my photograph of Tom!