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Ahad Raza Mir On His Destination Wedding, Feminism, And More

What's Ahad's idea of a perfect girl?

By Mahvish Ahmed

“Kabhi kabhi dil karta hai ke raasta khatam na ho.”

If your heart didn’t skip a beat when you read the dialogue, then you my friend, are as hopeless as Faryal (and her entire pathetic family) in Yakeen Ka Safar. Don’t know what YKS is? Give me a moment as I hyperventilate over the incredulity of the situation. It is a show on HUM TV. Gosh, I can’t imagine I’m explaining this because every living being in Pakistan – yes, even that fetus in your bhabhi’s womb – knows about this show and, more importantly, about Dr. Asfi!

What’s the singular most important thing for most Pakistani girls these days? Stalking Ahad Raza Mir.

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He is the man behind the iconic character of Dr. Asfandyar. He makes the character, penned by the Humsafar writer Farhat Ishtiaq, look real. So real, that women (from bachelorettes to grannies) are dreaming to court him. It is the Asher craze all over again! But this time, the dude in question is single! Poor guy has been harping on about his single-ness in every interview now, so we might as well believe him.

Basically, this hunk from Canada is doing to us what his father, Asif Raza Mir, did to young women back in the 80s’. It is in Ahad’s genes. He can’t help it. If you are glued to the TV screen at 8 pm every Wednesday, holding your heart and wiping off your drool, know that you are not alone.

Light a few scented candles (because he likes to light them too), grab some chai, and let’s get to know Ahad Raza Mir a little more closely.

WO: If you weren’t an actor you would be?

Ahad: A chef or a director.

WO: Hollyoood or Bollywood?

Ahad: Depends on what I am in the mood of watching.

WO: Favourite restaurant (s) in Pakistan?

Ahad: In Karachi my favourite restaurant is LOCO.

WO: Chocolates, flowers or jewelry – the best present for a girl in your opinion is?

Ahad: A meaningful letter.

WO: Destination wedding or a big fat Pakistani wedding?

Ahad: I’d love a destination wedding but I think I will end up having a big fat Pakistani wedding and then some functions abroad since my family is spread across the globe. I do hope I am financially stable enough to afford all of this though (haha)!

WO: Favourite perfume?

Ahad: Euphoria by Calvin Klien.

WO: The beach or the mountains? Your favourite holiday destination?

Ahad: I like both actually – the beach since I have grown in Karachi and the mountains since that’s what I enjoyed in Canada.

WO: Favourite desi dish?

Ahad: My Mum’s chicken karahi.

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WO: Favourite Bollywoood actor? Actress?

Ahad: Ranbir Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit.

WO: What’s the last song you listened to?

Ahad: Since I’ve Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin.

WO: The last person you texted?

Ahad: My mum.

WO: A country/city you are dying to visit?

Ahad: Japan.

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WO: Do you read, watch a movie, or sleep when on a plane?

Ahad: I do a lot of writing! And I am working on a few scripts.

WO: What’s next after Yakeen Ka Safar?

Ahad: Well, Parwaaz hai Junoon is releasing this year and I will start shooting for my next drama in November. I cannot reveal the details but I can say that it will be epic in its scale.

WO: The one thing that made you say yes to Yakeen Ka Safar?

Ahad: Asfandyaar’s transformation.

WO: Cake or steak?

Ahad: Steak.

WO: Your weirdest childhood habit?

Ahad: Well, I still have the habit of wearing hats – come summer or winter. I used to wear them even when it was -40 in Canada!

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WO: Have you ever done something you wish your parents never find out?

Ahad: My mum reads/watches all my interviews, even the ones I try she doesn’t. So, I cannot tell you; if I do answer the question, she will find out!

WO: One thing you’d like to tell your parents?

Ahad: That I love them!

WO: Who’s the most influential woman in your life?

Ahad: My mum for sure.

WO: What comes to your mind when we say feminism?

Ahad: Equality.

WO: Laundry or cleaning – what did you hate more during your time in Canada?

Ahad: I didn’t hate either of them actually. Sundays were reserved for these activities. I’d light some candles and make the house smell nice while doing home chores. It was quite therapeutic.

WO: The three things your ideal girl MUST have?

Ahad: She should respect herself and other individuals, she should be able to argue cool-headedly, and she should be active.

WO: When you are not working you are..?

Ahad: I am still working. Or sleeping!

WO: Mum or dad – your go to person in a time of crisis?

Ahad: My dad.

WO: One thing you were pleasantly surprised by on the sets of Yakeen Ka Safar?

Ahad: The team work and how well everybody gels in together.

WO: One gadget you are dying to own?

Ahad: I am a musician so there is this guitar I really want to have.

WO: Are you a saver or a spender?

Ahad: I save for some time and then go and spend it all together! So a bit of both I guess!

WO: You indulge in?

Ahad: Desserts.

WO: Eat out or cook at home?

Ahad: Home.

WO: One thing you love about following:

Kubra Khan

Ahad: She’s a beautiful human being.

Sajal Ali

Ahad: One of the most charming girls I have ever met.

Mawra Hocane

Ahad: That she’s incredibly driven.