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Ainy Jaffri’s Favourite Things

Her favourite workout and weekend shenanigans

article.By Mashaal Rana

Ainy Jaffri has been the talk of the town lately with her much-anticipated movie Balu Mahi, opposite Osman Khalid Butt, releasing on the 10th February. But this current commercial success wasn’t just an overnight trick for her. We did some digging and panned out the highlights of the actress’s career so far. In 2012, she starred as a leading lady in Hum TV’s show Aseer zadi. Shortly after in 2013, she made her film debut in the globally renowned Main Hoon Shahid Afridi. How does that sound for an epic reaching? Jaffri has also been the voice for Burka Avenger’s main character Jiya.

Like many of the industry’s brilliant actresses, Jaffri isn’t just an ordinary woman. Settled in London and acting in Pakistan, she is always on her toes – from travelling back-to-back for film shootings, promotions and talk shows, she manages to balance her personal life by traveling to Europe with her husband for short breaks. Not just this, she makes sure she adheres to a healthy lifestyle and is a big fan of Pilates.

Impressed with her wonder woman like nature, we spoke to Jaffri about her routine and her preferences.

TV Shows you’re obsessed with:

 I just finished watching Westworld and it was AMAZING. Other than that I am an all-time Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad fan like most of the world.

 A hot/talented guy you are crushing on:

Ryan Gosling (He was absolutely brilliant in La La Land).

Favourite designer(s):

Sana Safinaz, Elan and Misha Lakhani.

Beauty products you can’t live without?

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly – it keeps my lips hydrated. Other than that, I can’t live without a good face cleanser, face wash and a moisturiser.

What do you do on weekends?

When I am free from working, I take short breaks in Europe with my husband. Other than that, I love watching plays and going to Jazz evenings with my husband around London.

A song you can’t get enough of:

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You.

Favourite all-time restaurant in Pakistan?

Okra in Karachi – Love their prawns!

Favourite workout routine?

I like doing Pilates and I take Barre workout classes when in London.