Are you a hair styling addict?

Read this now!

By Haiya Bokhari

Making your hair look like you’re having a good hair day, every day doesn’t come easy. Whether you prefer to keep your tresses long and uncolored or whether Kylie Jenner with her weekly hair transformations is your spirit animal, if you’re addicted to styling, then you better be just as dedicated to taking care of it. Styling and prepping up your hair for it should go hand in hand!

Dyeing, using heat tools and even a light daily drying routine has an impact on the health of our hair. But just because you love trying the latest hair trends shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on its condition. If you’re smart about it, you can avoid hair damage and look like you stepped right out of a shampoo commercial.

But it is necessary that you use styling products that are suit your hair type. You don’t want to use that volumizing shampoo on your already frizzy mane.

Here’s what we love to incorporate in our hair care routines to ensure healthy hair despite the styling and you can do it too!

Colour Protection

Not only do you have to protect your hair during and after colour, you also have protect the dye job you dished out $$$ for. Using a nourishing hair masque on a weekly basis after conditioning ensures that not only is our hair protected and conditioned, but the colour stays fresh and shiny till our next trip to the salon.

L’Oreal Elvive Colour-Protect – buy it here.

We recommend the L’oreal Elvive Colour Protect masque that not only deeply hydrates your luscious locks but also keeps the colour looking like you just got out of the stylist’s chair. It makes your hair color look radiant for a longer period of time – it protects it like a ninja! And not just that it nourishes your hair so deeply, it transforms into a silky mane that’s soft to touch.

Prep and prime

Think about this: what makes your makeup look best? Skin that’s been prepped and primed for it well. It’s well hydrated and you definitely use a primer to hold all your makeup in place before applying your foundation and building on it. Why not extend the same courtesy to your hair routine? Add a leave in conditioner that promises to not only protect your hair from damage but also hold the style in place throughout the day.

L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 – buy it here.

What better product to choose than one that battles five common hair problems with one succinct solution – the L’Oreal Total Repair 5 repair and protect styling cream that promises not 24 but 48 hour protection for your hair. It adds shine, suppleness, and makes sure your hair stays put – all without making it greasy. After using this styling cream, be prepared to have people obsess over your hair’s overnight transformation.


Who doesn’t hate oiling? Sure it has great benefits but let’s be real, ain’t nobody got time for that! Oiling takes us back to an idyllic time when life moved at a pace slow enough to place a two-hour oiling session before the shower. However, just because we don’t have the time to spend hours every week on our hair doesn’t mean we can’t still reap the benefits of oiling – just opting for an oil infused hair cream instead (think L’Oreal’s 6 oil nourish Oil-In-Cream that packs the benefit of oil in an easy to use creme formula) will do wonders for your hair.

L’Oreal Oil-In-Cream oil Replacement Cream – buy it here.

If you’re willing to spend just a little more time investing in your tresses try the new generation of oils instead?  Try L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil. Rather than leaving it in for the usual two or so hour period you can use it on damp, towel dried hair (lengths only) or dry hair (to keep your ends moisturized). If you want to go more traditional, try applying it to your full head 15 to 30 minutes before the shower (throw on a steaming towel for best infusion). The oil comes out easily, smells great and leaves your hair soft and seriously lustrous. Also, it doesn’t make your hair sticky AT ALL. Trust us, we’ve tried it and now we’re fans for life!