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Ayesha Omar’s Guide To Eating Healthy

Beautiful is just a bite away


By Anam Mansuri

When triple threat actress, model and singer Ayesha Omar first entered the Pakistani entertainment scene as a teenager she was the adorable girl next door, with chubby cheeks and a quirky dressing style. Now, in her early thirties, this sexy siren looks better than she ever has before – and we want in on the secret!

Omar talks to us about about the complete lifestyle overhaul she went through, incorporating the ton of research she would do on the foods she was putting into her body. These changes not only made her body leaner and her skin glow, but gave her the energy boost she needed to deal with her hectic lifestyle and shooting schedule. Here the celeb spills the most important things she learnt on her journey towards a healthier lifestyle


My brother first got into researching about health when he wanted to find a solution to my mothers exceeding eczema problems. He asked her to remove refined carbs and processed food from her diet and overtime we saw a huge difference in her skin and overall health. Soon I started gravitating towards the same rule. I slowly cut down my intake of processed foods from my diet, basically most things that came out of a box, or bottle. It really changed everything – the way I felt and the way I looked. Some days it’s more difficult to stick to it and I binge on processed foods but most days I try to stick to this plan.


I go grocery shopping A LOT. Why? Because I buy fresh stuff which naturally dies sooner. It’s all about fresh fruit and vegetables which may not have a long shelf life but are way better than their canned or frozen versions. There are way more nutrients in fresh produce.



Snacking matters more than your meals. I believe this is true because more time and effort goes into preparing big meals. Many unhealthy snacks usually come out of boxes and sealed bags, which you can grab whenever you need with ease.  The smarter thing to do is to snack on stuff which is healthy and not difficult to prepare. Like fruits and vegetables and nuts during the day instead of turning to things like sandwiches, samosas or biscuits.



I try to eat as little chicken as possible because of the large amount of antibiotics and drugs they receive to keep them alive. Whenever I do crave chicken, I get desi murghi from Empress Market or Delhi colony, which is also called free-range chicken. It’s raised by being left out in the open and more strength in its bones and flesh then being cooped up in cages and being raised. I also try to get desi eggs.


To get that much needed dose of veggies in to your system.


I started cooking all my food in coconut oil three years ago. According to scientific research, cooking with vegetable oils releases toxic chemicals. Coconut oil is the only oil that does not get burnt in high temperatures. It’s also a great source of good fat and keeps your system running smoothly and your metabolism is faster.

I also love coconut water. It replenishes you with electrolytes, and does wonders for your skin. Coconut water is something I was having a lot especially after my accident. It has a lot of calcium in it and it was my go to drink when I broke my arm.


I don’t think the desi diet is as nutritious as we would like it to be. So I supplement my diet with vitamins such as Vitamin C and B complex. I try and take calcium every night and sneak in a probiotic most days. I also take olive leaf extract and green tea extract every now and then and I’ll take evening primrose oil right before im about to get my period, because its good for balancing out your hormones.


I try to stay away from white flour and white rice and instead eat brown rice and quinoa a lot. I also put raw honey in my tea instead of sugar.

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  • Ayesha Omar is a good & multetallanted Actress
    I learn Acting from Ayesha Omar because it’s style is so good
    I love you Ayesha

  • Hi Anum Mansuri this is such an awesome article you have posted. Ayesha Omer is a fabulous and my favorite Pakistani actress, she is prettier and hot. I am watching her Drama Bulbulay now a days, in which she played an awesome role.
    Last week I watched her Movie ”Lahore say Aagay’ it has an amazing story.