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Ayesha Omar’s Ten Best Looks This Summer

Style inspiration anyone?

By Sherazade Khan

Ayesha Omar is classy, chic, and full of sass! You have to admit, her smile is contagious, and she’s bursting with life. Whenever we spot her on social media, she’s got a fun vibe about her and looks good doing what she’s doing. Everyone needs a role model in their life, and this month, we’re looking at Ayesha Omar for style inspiration.

Because scrolling through our Instagram, her posts always make us do a double take!

Exhibit A: Ayesha Omar razzles and dazzles at the International Pakistan Prestige Awards in a shimmery all black gown.

Looking stunning in Shehla Chatoor, this diva dazzles for the grand finale of Pepsi Battle of The Bands! She’s right on trend too with her contrasting black and gold ensemble.

Talk about being a rock star! We love both these looks – they’re goth yet spunky!

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We can’t decide what is our favourite thing about this look! The neutral floral jacket, the striking metal belt, or maybe the myriad of rings Omar is sporting?

💍 ring me up sometime… ✨⭐️ #ayeshaomar #officialhost #pepsibob @haiyab @hannan_makeup_hair

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This uber talented actress is a clear fan of Shehla Chatoor and boy does it suit her! Here she looks gorgeous in her Eid outfit which shows off her sleek shoulders.

This all white outfit is classy yet sassy. Check out the ruffles and embellished sleeves with the funky trouser. Not everyone could pull off this look with such ease!

🎸🎤🎧 #pepsibob #ayeshaomar #officialhost @haiyab @hannan_makeup_hair

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Bright white ensemble with a contrasting midriff bearing top and chic suede shoes, is yet another ensemble that not many can pull off. We applaud this girl for making such bold statements and so effortlessly too!

How she makes something so straightforward look so amazing is beyond us, but here she is at it again! An unpretentious mini-dress layered with a black trench coat and statement earrings.

🦋#throwbacksaturday #ayeshaomar #istanbul

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She looks sizzling hot in her work-out gear. Now we know how Ayesha Omar keeps herself looking SO good!