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Baaghi’s Promo Tells Us ALOT About Qandeel Baloch’s Life

Does it convince us to watch the drama serial?

Yes and no. Yes, because Baaghi – a biopic of social media sensation Qandeel Baloch – has all the right ingredients. It is the story of a girl with big dreams but limited opportunities. The writer of Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Umera Ahmed, has written the screenplay, Sarmad Khoosat plays an integral role in the serial, and Saba Qamar is the leading lady. Who wouldn’t want to watch the show?

Sadly, the two-minute long promo reveals the entire storyline.

Makers might argue that everybody knows Qandeel Baloch’s story, so what’s the point in creating a fake air of mystery. Well, not many knew that Fouzia Azeem married her childhood sweetheart and not an old man chosen by her father.

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But as viewers, we’re still very much looking forward to it because the promo promises high impact performances.

The promo shows Qamar evolve from ambitious Fouzia – with two pigtails and a Punjabi accent – to the sultry Qandeel Baloch with an edgy bob and a bad reputation; all because she wanted to live her life on her own terms – a desire that is indigestible by the male population surrounding her. She is beaten by her elder brother (Sarmad Khoosat), married off by her father, and the final nail in the coffin comes from her ‘loving’ husband. He decides to cheat on her and then pushes her away saying, “Ab wapas kabhi na aayein” [don’t you ever come back].

Fouzia takes his words to heart and off she goes into the wilderness of city life. We’re assuming, she tries to make it big with a few reality shows before proclaiming, “Bhaar mein jaaye izzat”, and making a Facebook page.

If you guys are wondering when do Osman Khalid Butt and Khalid Malik come into the equation, then that’s one question that the promo doesn’t answer.

The journey of Baaghi (revolutionary) begins on Thursday 27th July on Urdu1, so tune in, because we surely will!