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Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Dare to go bare

Makeup was invented to make you look prettier than you actually are and we’re all for enhancing our beauty. But you don’t want to be that person who sneaks out at dawn to put on gloss and face powder before anyone wakes up! If you ever find yourself doing (or even thinking about) that then you need to listen to us carefully when we say, “Be comfortable in your own skin!”

You don’t need two layers of foundation or weekly injections of Glutathione to make you feel confident and our celebrities agree with us.

Meesha Shafi isn’t afraid to show her real beauty. Look at that glowing skin and pink pout. What’s the secret behind it? As per her Instagram feed, exercise and healthy eating habits is the way to natural beauty.

Always working weekends, so a makeup free Sunday is reason to celebrate with a #nomakeupselfie 💫🎉

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Yumna Zaidi is one girl who’s never afraid to keep it real; be it her face or her acting. And guess what? She stays happy and that reflects on her skin!

Sajal Ali is young, beautiful, and is not afraid to embrace her real beauty. Surely, she’s rarely spotted without a mascara and lip gloss, but she doesn’t shy away from going bare.

#Moustache #latenightfunathome #lategram 👧🙈🙉

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Khadija Rahman is goals. We’ve rarely seen this accomplished designer all made up in a full blown blow dry or wearing oodles of makeup. Does that in any way affect her life? We don’t think so. She’s winning awards and[getting nominated to represent Pakistan left right and centre!

The newbie, Hania Aamir, entered our lives with Janaan and her unguarded façade made her stand apart from the crowd. Her Instagram feed is filled with her no makeup pictures so kudos to her for keeping it real.

Apart from earning over 100 crores at the box office, Mahira Khan scores 100 points on our real-o-meter too! It helps that she’s got good genes but then so do our other celebrities who refuse to come out in the open.

💥 #nofilterphoto

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When we were on the lookout for makeup less pictures of celebrities, she was one of the two celebrities who actually responded. We’re her fan for life!

Mawra Hocane is a youth icon and while her social media reach maybe a bit intimidating, we cannot deny her popularity. It is heartening to see that she’s not afraid of putting up makeup less pictures of herself once  in a while.

Hira Tareen is multitalented and her footprint is spread from the ramp to television, but does that make her part of the fake parade? Not at all! She was one celebrity who was quick to send us her no makeup selfie and we love her for keeping it sane in this overly beauty conscious world.