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Beauty Blunders You Are Innocently Making

Time to stop making these beauty mistakes ASAP

Article-minBy Palwasha Khan

We’ve all been there: spending hours on our makeup and still not looking as radiant and shoot-ready as we’d like. You are doing everything right – you are buying the right branded products, putting the primer on before applying that foundation, but still not achieving a flawless finish. Have you ever wondered why? Ahead find the 4 beauty blunders you may be indulging in without realising. 

Blunder number 1: Lighter foundation

Do you select a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone? Stop right away! Picking a foundation shade to appear lighter than your natural complexion won’t make you look fairer but instead make your skin look grey – and this in turn will make you look much older than your age.

Always test the foundation at the jaw line and under your neck and then pick a shade that is closest to your natural complexion.

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Blunder number 2: Too much blusher

Over – Blushing: This literally means blushing your face in the wrong places. First whenever applying blush always do it in the center of the apples of your cheeks and never flit to the side, as it’s not contour or highlight. Keep a minimal amount on the brush when applying and if in excess use a translucent or setting powder to fix the excess.

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Blunder Number 3: Over the line lip liner

Although we would all want to sport a fuller pout, applying lip liner way outside your natural lip line is a big NO! Always remember the lip liner needs to be right on top of your natural lip line. Editor’s tip: Line your lips then apply lip liner all over them and then top with a coat of lipstick – this will ensure that your lipstick stays on through the night even when you are eating and drinking.

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Blunder number 4: Dirty brushes

Your brushes need to be thoroughly washed every 2 weeks. Face it – we avoid washing our brushes because it’s too much effort. But the clogged up residue, will just blog your pores over time and that would result in a breakout! Editor’s beauty tip: Wash your brushes with a gentle shampoo as soap can be too harsh for the brush bristles and will shorten the life of your brushes by half.

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Now that we’ve laid out the ground rules, make sure you avoid these beauty crimes starting today.