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Tanya Muzaffar

There is something about getting our nails done which makes a woman feel invincible. The filing, buffing and painting leaves them looking so perfect that it almost becomes a metaphor for our lives… well, at least until something goes wrong!

It’s time to learn to protect your little investment and let us tell you how. Here are some of our favorite nail hacks. Follow these for some knockout nails you’ll want to show off!

Smooth out the smudges

This one is a little odd, but it works. If your freshly painted nail gets a smudge, gently lick (yes, you read that correctly!) the smudge to smooth it out. Apply a topcoat over it and you’re all set!

Clean up nicely

Many times, while doing your own nails, you’rebound to get nail polish beyond the nail plate.An easy way to avoid this, rather than erasing them with nail polish remover afterwards, is to apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly on the skin around the nail before you start painting. Use a small brush or a cotton swab for easy application.

Get brighter colours

The prettiest polishes tend to be the most translucent. So how do you amp up the colour? By applying a white polish as a base coat. The white will make the lightest of colors pop, giving you a solid and brighter finish.

Glitter on

Glitter polish is so much fun (and totally back on trend), however, it runs a huge risk of ruining your manicure as by swiping it on, you hardly get any actual glitter onto the nail. Try dabbing instead. With the brush, gently press the product onto your nail and repeat for desired amount of sparkle.

Glitter off

As fun as it is to apply, it’s the worst to get rid off! Instead of removing nail polish the regular way, take a small piece of cotton, dip it in the remover, place it onto your nail and wrap the nail in aluminum foil. Wait for five minutes and drag the cotton and foil off your nail to show off clean, sparkle-free nails!


Dark, vampy colours are great except when they stain your nail, turning it yellow and yuck! So rather than hiding them in your fists, soak your nails in a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. This works wonderfully to brighten natural nails!