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These Are The Best Facials For Your Skin Type

How to decide on one?

Don’t we all covet the glowing, pore less skin which K-beauty maniacs claim to have achieved? Well, that’s a fair bit of Photoshop, a 20-step skincare routine (morning AND night), and a lot of water. Since we can’t Photoshop our skin in real life and neither can we succumb to the impractical skincare routine, we’re left with two options: Drink lots of water and head to our facialist to do her magic.

But seldom do we know which kind of facial is good for us. We’ve heard people swooning over their monthly peeling facials. Umm, hello, those ain’t good for your skin ladies.

“Your skin doesn’t always need a peel. In fact, it is always good to hydrate your skin before going for any potentially strong treatment like whitening or peeling,” shares Mahvish Hasan – the owner of The Mahvish Hasan Salon. “Our Facial expert almost always goes with a hydrating facial, then we give a gap of 10 days or more, depending on your skin, after that we give a personalised facial depending on your skin type and issues.”

She also told us that getting a facial once in a blue moon isn’t going to do you any good.

“Some people need it every two weeks, others can go up to a month without a facial; it just depends on your skin’s condition and the aftercare. It is essential to keep your skin moisturized in between facials. Sometimes all you need is a good dose of oxygenation!”

What’s oxygenation? What’s a hydration facial? And how do you decide which facial is good for your skin type?

Well, you don’t decide. Let the experts decide, but here is a lowdown of different types of Guinot facials available at The Mahvish Hasan Salon, and I’m sure we’ll all agree that Guinot is the Valentino of salon treatments.


The 2k worth process involve a thorough burst of oxygen (moisture) for your skin, making it glow like never before.

It is good for: Every single person!

Power Cleansing

The deep cleansing removes impurities and controls oil for up to 20 days in only 3k!

It is good for: All skin types

Hydraclean facial  

This is the hydrating facial Mahvish was referring to earlier. Priced between 4-4.5k, depending on the level of personalisation, it makes your skin smooth and supple and prepares your skin for future treatments. It includes oxygenation and is also known for reducing redness.

It is good for: All skin types.

Brightening Facial

As the name suggests, it evens out your skin tone, extracts excess oil, and makes your skin glow from within. Priced at 5k, this is the facial that brides go for, after of course the hydraclean one and before the magical double peel.

It is great for: Dull and oily skin.

Double Peeling Facial

The second most expensive of all, this Beaute Neuve facial is worth 6k, but lasts longer. Thankfully, there aren’t any harsh chemicals involved. It removes one layer of tan with the help of real fruit ingredients.

It is great for: All skin types.

Age Smart Facial

Let’s hope we don’t need this one anytime soon.  Apart from deep cleaning and hydrating the skin, this facial also involves lifting, firming, and tightening of your skin. You guessed it right, it is the most expensive facial, priced at Rs6.5K.

It is great for: Mature skin.