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Best Winter Beauty Buys Under 1500

Some are as low as Rs. 200

By Rozina Bhutto

Do you wake up every day, look in the mirror, and groan so loud your next door neighbour knocks on your door to ask if everything’s okay. No, everything is not okay. Your skin is losing its summer glow with each passing day. Your foundation refuses to blend in like second skin, your hair looks as dead as the tree outside your window, and your hands could very well donate skin to a crocodile handbag.

Winter brings with it glorious things like hot chocolate and warm blankets, BUT it also makes our skin, lips, and hair super flaky and dry!

Here’s how you can counter that in a budget friendly way.

St. Ives Sea Salt Exfoliating Body Wash


We all love to stand under a hot shower after a long, tiring day, but let’s face it – it does us more bad than good. It damages the epidermis, leaving our skin feeling super dry.

Wait wait, we aren’t suggesting you freeze yourself to death with a cold shower. Just make sure you’re using products that combat dryness. This Sea Salt exfoliating body wash by St. Ives does what it promises: removes dead skin, and leaves your skin soft. So ditch them soaps and buy this.

It is available at all leading store for Rs. 420.

Baby Oil

Ah, now how do you make sure your skin remains soft even after you towel dry it? You apply a generous amount of baby oil to your entire body while it’s still dripping wet. Yup, do that, no matter how icky you feel. Then pat dry your skin, but make sure you don’t scrape off the oil.

The mid-sized bottle is available everywhere for Rs. 540.

Nivea Crème

It is time to moisturise! No, applying baby oil doesn’t equal to moisturizing your skin; although some people (looking at my shameful self) leave it at that. It is pertinent that you slather on a body butter or else be prepared to see the white powdery substance appear on your legs and arms.

Since we are talking budget friendly options, the age old Nivea crème – which comes in a blue tin jar – is the way to go. I recently rediscovered this and OMG, why did I ever stop buying it? Umm, maybe because it is a pain to apply.

The good thing is that once you go through the trouble of smoothing the thick crème all over your body, it stays put, leaving your skin super moisturised.

It is the baap of all moisturisers!

Again, it is available at all sorts of stores for Rs 699 (400ml).

Wheat germ Glow moisturiser

It is made of all-natural ingredients, hydrates, absorbs quickly, and also acts as a sunscreen. What else do you need? Nothing, I say. I’ve been using it for the past two months and I’ve no plan to shift to a chemical-infused high end face cream anytime soon.

You can buy it from Pure Ayurveda’s Facebook page or from Sheops for Rs 1,250.

Physiogel Daily Moisture therapy Cream

I only recently discovered Physiogel when a dermatologist recommended it to my sister; and now it is safe to say that I’m a huge fan. Since it is not handy to carry a huge blue tin jar in your bag, this tube is the perfect choice. You can use it as a hand cream, face cream, anything!

It is available here for Rs 1,100.

Sweet Almond Oil

Don’t we all wish we woke up to fresh, glowing, soft skin every morning? Well, that’s possible. I suggest you put on a good amount of sweet almond oil every night instead of your regular night cream and hand cream. Your flaky skin, dark circles, cuticles, and pigmentation will thank you for it!

A 250ml bottle will cost you under Rs. 1000 if you get it extracted from your local market.

Carmex lip balm

The classic one that comes in a small pot. They call it the ‘original jar’ and I call it magic. One of my cousins even tried to steal it from me last winter but I created a ruckus. Unfortunately, it is not readily available in Pakistan (hence the ruckus).

You’ll have to turn to one of your trusted Facebook makeup pages and ask them to get it for you from the US.

It heals chapped lips like this (imagine me snapping my fingers)!

It will cost you approximately Rs 200 with delivery charges and all.

Palmer’s Lip balm

Since Carmex does nothing to hide the paleness of your cold lips, here is another lip balm you must invest in: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry ultra-moisturising Lip Balm.

It is tinted and has a nice cherry colour ad somehow looks much better (less shiny) than the regular Babylips everyone carries around.

You can find it at a big mart close to your place or order it from Daraz for Rs. 363.

Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask

Winter means killing yourself with hydration! These tissue masks by Garnier are a god send. They come in four flavours/types – Pomegranate, Cherry Blossom, Camomile, and Green Tea – but I’ve only tried one (Green Tea) and it is surely hydrating. Pop one on whenever you’re binge watching your favourite show and your face will absorb your regular moisturiser with so much more ease.

You can get a pack of four for Rs. 996 from Daraz.

Pantene Oil Replacement

Now, after drenching your skin in bucket loads of moisture, it is time for your hair! Apart from using Sulphate free products (I hope we all know that) and getting oil massages every other day, a quick-fix way too keep your hair healthy and shiny is the Pantene Oil Replacement cream.

Once you start using it, you won’t be able to stop because it is so good. You apply a pea-sized amount on clean wet hair and let your hair be. Bas, that’s it!

You can buy it from any respectable super market for Rs. 210.