Best workouts for your summer body

The scientifically proven workouts that help lose weight fast


Mishayl Naek

There was a time called the 80s, when Jane Fonda reigned supreme in the fitness world and everyone gyrated themselves into shape. Nowadays, working out is more science than sweat and doesn’t stop at the treadmill. With the heat coming on strong, it’s about time you exercised strategically to get rid of winter flab. Add these two categories to your routine and see yourself transform:

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT

This workout monster gets your heart pounding and the fat melting in short, intense bursts of exercise followed by short periods of rest. It puts your metabolism into overdrive for 48 hours post workout, so you’re burning even after feeling the burn. Due to the intensity factory, they’re usually 30 minutes or less and require minimal to no equipment.

The newest HIIT workout is Kayla Itsine. A personal trainer from Australia, she created the “Bikini Body Guide” which went into Instagram fame with women posting their transformations. Her guides are a great way to get into a HIIT program with incredible results.

Precision Toning

Cardio is great for dropping the pounds, but what about those little flabby bits that don’t go? That’s when precision toning comes into play and those problem areas are targeted. Workouts like Pilates, power yoga and ballet really get new meaning to slow burn.

The queen of precision toning is Tracey Anderson,who created her own Pilates-style workout that emphasizes targeting specific muscles, low weights and many reps. Her workouts are all about getting your “skin back to the bone” and all you baby mamas know what I’m talking about!