Is Acid Toning The Secret To Flawless Skin?

By Palwasha Khan I never really thought about my skin when I was younger. I appreciated that it encased my vital organs and veins and helped me tell hot from cold but that was about it. With the advent of adolescence came the realization that, like everything else in life, my skin had issues. The … Continued

Eat Like Saadia: Recipes From a Health Guru

Mahwish Faizan It happens. You get carried away on vacation (damn you, cronuts!) somehow, all that strenuous trekking has the opposite effect on your waist. When you can’t fit in to your custom made Tena Durrani lehnga you know it’s time to stop indulging in extra juicy mango shakes and cut the carbs. Your waist … Continued

Pakistan’s very first falsies are here

Zehra Hasan “Lashes are the new boobs,” according to every beauty queen worth her eyelash curler, “we all want a new pair”. They need to be thicker, longer, darker and oh-so-sexier. Twiggy like lashes have picked up over the past four years and the beauty industry has heard our call. Eyelashes can be plumped up with … Continued

Why does a man do most of the talking in Pink?

By Hala Syed Any conversation about sexual abuse, especially on the internet, almost inevitably descends to victims blaming. Sometimes this blame is couched in gentle, seemingly well meaning terms “Girls should be more careful for their own safety”. Sometimes it’s mingled with curiosity and gossip “What were they wearing? Where were they going? Who were … Continued

Stress-Free Stylish Mornings

By Maha Asif Rizwan If there’s one question every woman asks herself every single morning, it is: what do I wear today? The eternal dilemma of morning scramble starts with ransacking your closet and ends with a day full of rethinking your style decisions. While we can’t help bring order to your morning routine, we … Continued

Lazy Desi Girl: Adulting Was Never This Easy

By Mahvish Ahmed We hear you. You have a big presentation at work tomorrow and the AC konked out. You have set out the entire day to unpack your winter clothes and you realize that you’re out of sabzi for the day’s cooking. The babysitter is MIA but you desperately need a mani-pedi. Pesky domestic … Continued

All I never wanted was a Birkin

By Saadia Tariq Once upon a waqt a richie-rich saheli came to stay with me in Singapur – you know na where it is – just thora saa agay from Thighland. Any-the-how Saheli carried Khattay Maltay key rang ka Birkin. Uff-My-Lordship, Myself moo khulla ka khulla, such expenses hand bags, how to carry them around? … Continued

Mariyam Rizwan creates art you can wear

By Maheen Bajwa Always in search of the hottest fashion designer to amp up our wardrobe, we fell in love with quirky newcomer Mariyam D Rizwan’s style design, finish and aesthetic. We sat down with her to talk hand-drawn ballgowns and signature gold chains in her dream boutique in Clifton, Karachi. WO: When did you … Continued

Urwa Hocane’s Ten Best Looks

Urwa Hocane’s wardrobe choices prove that she is, after all, a child at heart; and that’s exactly what we love about her! Whether it’s a fun printed skirt or quirky accessories paired with a simple outfit – we have begun to appreciate her creative and light-hearted take on every look she styles. We’re drooling over Urwa’s nude … Continued

It’s Time To Look Minted

By Mahvish Ahmed Knock knock! Who’s there? I’m Mint. I’m Mint who? I’m Mint to be with you! The Pakistani fashion scene is not quite over the summer palette as yet and mint green is still hot favorite. The fashionistas have been donning this pretty colour all summer and designers are still choosing this cool … Continued

Ten Of Mawra Hocane’s Best Looks

In a sea of talented and fashionable ladies we have increasingly come to appreciate the doll-eyed beauty Mawra Hocane. Between filming and working, this actress spends a little extra time on picking some unique outfits that wow us and her 1.1 million other Instagram followers. Here are some of our favourite looks of her: How … Continued


We spoke to the sisters behind Karachi’s most popular multi-brand store 

Need To Know: Mahjabeen Obaid

At Women’s Own, we love engaging with and interviewing women who break traditional barriers. With Mahjabeen Obaid, there is always a new professional and personal adventure to discuss. If she’s not whizzing around attending conferences around the world, she’s dreaming of new designs for her stationery and home décor companies – all this while raising … Continued

Sania Maskatiya: Summer Bloom

We have our eyes set on Sania Maskatiya’s upcoming Eid collection, Summer Bloom, which is a perfect representation of what Eid requires – festive and flattering ensembles. The designer, who was nominated for yet another Lux Style Award for Achievement in Fashion Design, has blown us away (once again) with her airy yet elegant outfits. … Continued

Fifty Shades Of Studio X

by Mishayl Naek It’s not often that a place can make you feel equal amounts of pain and pleasure, but that’s exactly what Studio X’s new site does. Our favourite fitness trio’s new digs are so pleasing to the eye that we happily join up for the bodily pain, especially with the vibe which is … Continued

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