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Bombers over Boys

The Bomber Jacket is this winters star cover-up


By Anushe Khalid

It’s almost time to get back into that winter phase : sipping on pumpkin spice latte’s and never getting out of bed. But before you resort to the life of a bear in hibernation, we recommend you go ahead and enjoy the first few good days of winter – where the weather consists of the perfect amount of sunshine and cold breezes and you can head out in a light jacket.
Before you layer up like an Eskimo, we’d like to introduce the increasingly popular Bomber jacket trend. It’s the ultimate combination of high fashion with warmth. The bomber jackets usually come in a lighter satin material that literally makes you shine all day. Although some may have a thicker layer inside to get you through the harsh winter days, we’d suggest you give this trend a shot before it gets hidden under the several layers.

What we love about this trend is that it doesn’t require much, just a pair of your favourite jeans and basic t-shirt paired with this jacket will create a casual chic look. You may already own a pair but if you don’t, now is definitely the right time to go and buy one!

Here are a few shots of who tried the trend and where you might find it: