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Bonanza Satrangi Ventures Into Fragrances

10 mind blowing scents are headed your way!

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future,” Coco Chanel once said and changed the world. ‘Smelling good’ escalated from being a luxury to a necessity. A small sized bottle of perfume made way into every woman’s handbag while companies started experimenting with cheaper variants of it such as deodorants and body mists. But perfume still reigns supreme. Almost all designer labels in the west – Chanel, Gucci and so on – have their set of fragrances and it was about time our designer labels also released their signature scents. Junaid Jamshed ventured into it a few years ago, Khaadi joined them last year, and the latest recruit is Bonanaza Satrangi.

After their mind blowing Eid campaign – featuring Hania Amir, Hasnain Lehri and Hadiqa Kiyani – the brand made a major announcement of launching their very own line of fragrances!

The range includes floral, fruity and musky scents for both men and women, so there’s a scent for every one of you.

While speaking about the fragrances, the CEO of Bonanza|Satrangi, Mr. Hanif Bilwani, “We wanted to introduce a product which was not only superior in quality (as compared to local competition) but something which was also economical for our customers”.

And staying true to his statement, the fragrance line starts from as low as Rs.1880! The coolest part, however, is the wide range of fragrances offered by Bonanza Satrangi. From woody and floral scents to citrus ones, there are in total 10 perfumes in the newly launched line. Go ahead and check the entire collection here.