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Bridal Jewelry Department : Sorted!

From classic kundan to contemporary


By Maha Asif Rizwan

Gone are the days when pearls could only be strung together in a necklace and bridal jewelry could only be made out of gold; these talented budding artists have the expertise of creating contemporary kundan pieces and we couldn’t be more excited. Whether you are in the daunting bridezilla mode or simply a popular invitee to the gazillion weddings this month, we’ve got your back. Well, at least in the jewelry department. If you’re looking to score some unique and daring jewelry pieces, we suggest you try designers who are changing the way we look at bridal accessories.

Project Rich

1Created in calligraphy, customized intricately or carved out of kundan, Project Rich gives their own unique touch to each piece. Whether you’re looking for bridal jewelry or statement necklaces to ace your wedding looks, Project Rich has beautiful solutions waiting for you.

Allure by MHT

2Who would have thought traditional could be this trendy? From gorgeous metal detailing to stones with spikes along with even pearl-string laden earrings, statement pieces are the strong suit at Allure by MHT. Ranging in exotic colors, Allure creates traditional bridal jewelry that is every bit trendy as it is elegant.


3While the modern bride strives to be distinctive, Opaline offers her a touch of daring beauty that is unmatched. Never seen before hand pieces, delicately faceted stone earrings and chokers with an ethnic twist are only a few examples of Opaline’s fabulous pieces.

Fanas Jewelry

4The amalgamation of costume and contemporary jewelry gives bridal accessories a much needed twist. Delicate dangling earrings to trendy ear cuffs and more, Fanas creates stylish pieces for the modern bride as well as her bridesmaids.