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Get these lipsticks for winter

These colours need to be in your make-up bag


By Farah Zaki

Nothing lifts your mood (and face) up like a good lippie. Don’t you agree? Some of us have our go-to every day colour that we keep in our handbag, while others love to experiment with new shades. If you belong to the latter clan of ladies, then you’ve come to the right place. From nude shades to bolder ones, below we have jotted down the 6 best colours you can opt for this winter and cause some serious pout envy.


MAC’s ‘Diva’ is every beauty enthusiast’s favourite lipstick. This opaque burgundy shade is a must-have for a bold look.

Price: $17


Blood red lips are perfect for a date night!  Jeffree’s Velour lipstick in shade ‘Unicorn Blood’ looks super hot on all skin tones.

Price: $18


There’s so much hype around Kylie cosmetics and all with good reason. You need to get your hands on ‘True Brown K’ as it’s the ideal chocolate brown.

Price: $29


There’s another lip kit by Kylie cosmetics that we absolutely adore; yes, we’re talking about ‘Dolce K’. For those who prefer to go natural on the lips, this is one buy you should considering investing in.

Price: $29


Ariana Grande collaborated with MAC cosmetics this past year and came out with 2 unique lip products. We absolutely love Ariana’s ‘Viva Glam’ lipstick; it’s a dark purple matte lippie with a hint of black.

Price: $17


Kat Von D cosmetics released ‘Lolita’ 2 years back; it’s still one of the best sellers at Sephora. ‘Lolita’ can be described as an orange lipstick with a hint of brown.

Price: $20