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Bye-Bye Layers

Why you shouldn't get layers in your hair anymore


By Anushe Khalid

If by some universal coincidence you are sitting at the hairdressers right now being asked the question – “Would you like to go for a few layers to give your hair a little body?” – say No, because you won’t get a better sign than this.  Adding to the minimal concept of ‘less is more’, hair fashion has also decided to fall in this category with the dawn of winter chills. One length hair definitely seems to be setting a trend this season after being  sported by our favourite celeb faces.

From Bollywood to Hollywood, this new hair trend is definitely making waves in celebville. Women have ditched their previously admired feathered cut and are rocking the one length look. Now, we understand that hair related decisions seem super risky, but we promise you won’t regret opting for this new trend. Why? Because one length cuts create a sleek and stylish demeanour and help draw extra attention to those parts of the face that previously hid behind the fringe. And, news to all: if you are suffering from damaged hair or not-so-lovely split ends, then this cut with surely help get rid of the unwanted tapering.

To provide you with some inspiration, here are our favourite celebs absolutely nailing this new hair look:

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