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Celebrities Make a Statement in their Sunnies

Time to put on your hater shades!

By Rabeeya Seemul Latif

Sweat. Humidity. Frizzy Hair. Welcome back Pakistani summers, we totally missed you. Not! But while we have a ton of reasons to whine we can’t help but be excited about the prospect of shopping for summer’s new statement sunnies. We’re looking towards our favourite celebs for some inspiration. We can’t promise we’ll look as good as Deepika rocking her hater blockers but hey, we can try right?

Sheheryar Munawar is not a shabbily dressed beach bum like us. He’s blocking the sun out with his super stylish Ray Bans.

Aviator sunglasses are a true classic look. Sadaf Kanwal’s make up free look with those shades is a look to go for this summer!

Bad Girl Riri looks spectacular just chillin’ on the runway with her Dior So Real sunglasses. These shades without nose bridge is basically on every woman’s must-have list.

Could Deepika be any more perfect? Her cool street style vibe is what we aspire to have but right now we are staring at her keyhole horn rimmed sunglasses. Maybe one day we can look like this while walking down the street.

From couple goals-to shade goals, Ranveer and Deepika might as well write an entire book on various ‘goals’. IT’S MIND BLOWING HOW SOMEONE CAN LOOK THAT GOOD IN SUCH WEIRD SUNGLASSES!! We’d look like nerdy wannabes on our way to comic con.

Wet hair, beach views, and the perfect round sunglasses- sounds like the perfect way to vacation! We should vacation like Mahira Khan, but first let’s go buy those sunglasses!

Yo, imma stop you right there and say Selena Gomez has the best RED shades. Black shades are so 2010, guys. Get your red sunglasses game together because queen of Instagram has her badass look on point.

So, we can’t pull off over-sized sunglasses. But we know someone who can – Sonam Kapoor. Her shades compliment her androgynous look perfectly.

Our Pakistani women’s favorite are the round shape sunglasses! From Mahira Khan to Zara Peerzada, are ready to beat the summer heat with their hip, circular, John Lennon vibes shades.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a clear-cut winner: ROUND SUNGLASSES! They seem to be a favorite all around the world. Thankfully, Kendall ditched her Pepsi and joined the round glasses bandwagon.